Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

Address anxiety and depression, panic attacks, phobias, trauma and more through Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sunshine Coast. Your anxiety or depression began as an emotional reaction or urge in the unconscious mind. When you interpreted events, you did so at a feeling level, as well as a logical level. Using hypnotherapy for anxiety and reactive depression targets the problem at its emotional inception, while also working through the issue consciously.

You may not remember where or how it all started, but your unconscious mind knows, even when your waking mind doesn’t! Using hypnotherapy and NLP for anxiety and reactive depression can heal trauma, phobias, panic attacks, chronically low motivation, or other problems. These and other symptoms can be overcome with hypnotherapy and neuo linguistic programming (NLP) in many cases, where it is psychologically caused. The approach will depend upon the individual.

Symptoms can often be ‘dislodged’ with the use of timeline therapy, as just one example, as we uncover and resolve the original trigger. Regression is one in a series of techniques to help you overcome anxiety and depression. 
There are also useful techniques that I can teach you to manage symptoms while we resolve the underlying trigger(s).

Using hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression often has spin-off benefits which help with additional symptoms such as as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or eczema. In other cases you may find that binge drinking, smoking addiction or weight issues are resolved as you understand and reframe the cause of your problem. Where the issue is psychologically based, hypnotherapy and NLP can help.

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