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Imagine your life as a movie, where you get to write the script. Transform your life and get off the treadmill of bad feelings, bad habits and limiting beliefs. Move forwards, with Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy. You will save years in counselling, and gain years in a life well lived. 


Release Anxiety

Overcome Reactive Depression

Resolve Trauma & Phobias

Build Confidence & Motivation

Quit Smoking/Drinking/Habits

Lose Weight

Sleep Better

Explore Past Lives 

Access Inner Guidance 

Hypnotherapy has an approximate success rate of 75%


I am an accredited and insured practitioner of hypnotherapy on the Sunshine Coast. Many people experience limiting behaviours and beliefs that can greatly impact their lives. When you have a splinter in your finger, so to speak, you don’t need to find out why it happened. You just need it out. Once it has been removed and you are comfortable again, you need the awareness not to put your hand in the same place. This is effectively how I work – I remove the splinter and provide the know how to keep you well. I founded Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy to provide rapid, deep change that takes a few hours, not months or years.

Change your mindset, change your world! 


Your unconscious mind has a message for you, and I am your interpreter…

Your unconscious mind is actually in control of you, through generating feelings and urges. You sense it in the behaviours you generate, like drinking excessively, experiencing panic, or getting blue, but it can’t hear you when you tell it to stop. I can help with the translation.  

If you come for hypnotherapy, you need to be ready to let go of old habits. Through hypnosis I can help you with a range of physical and psychological issues. I incorporate neuro-linguistinc-programming (NLP) methods to understand how the problem behaviour is playing out, and how your unconscious mind is making sense of it. When we come to do hypnosis, I know that we are addressing the issue in a way that is most relevant to you. NLP is a potent method which sets a more useful way for you to think and behave. It is a great agent of change. Through hypnotherapy and NLP I can recognise your current belief/ behavioural patterns and help you to replace them with more useful patterns.

I also incorporate heart-centred practices into the work, where appropriate, because the unconscious mind and the heart work together. “The mind and body constantly chatter back and forth using a vocabulary of biochemicals, the detectable results of which is the full range of human emotions…” (Dr. Candace Pert, Neuro-scientist). These techniques can dramatically assist, especially with anxiety, reactive depression, trauma and related symptoms. 


“If you want positive results, this lady knows her stuff… Christina made me feel welcome, relaxed and supported in my healing journey. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.” Maxine

“It was the first time trying hypnotherapy. It was a journey I never expected! Rather than the trance-like experience you see on TV, it was more of a deep meditative feeling. During this, we resolved the limiting beliefs holding me back and enhanced the positive attributes driving me forward.” Steve


“What you don’t realise… is that most of your life is unconsciously determined … [however] the unconscious is not necessarily unchangeable”.


My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson

Erickson and Rosen 1982

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