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Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast can help you to manage problem habits and quit smoking. Do you do binge drinking, vaping, nail biting, to name a few? To stop your habit, whatever it is, you need to be really ready to let go of it.

Let’s look at quit smoking… Do you hate the smell of dirty ashtrays? Do you cringe at the expense? Do you find the stench of nicotine on your fingers and your clothes a turn-off? Do you fear smoking related illness? Is smoking stopping you from looking and feeling your best? Are you embarrassed to smoke in front of others? Are you smoking because you believe that smoking gives you relaxation, or ‘my’ time? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then quit smoking hypnotherapy could help you.

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco is responsible for 5 million deaths per year worldwide. Not to mention the incredible cost that a nicotine habit has become. Some people find it hard to quit because the withdrawals are uncomfortable. Others believe that it actually gives them relaxation, even though smoking is a stimulant. So you can see that clarifying what nicotine actually does is important in getting your unconscious mind to see smoking for what it is – a parasite on your health, your finances and your self-esteem.

I incorporate a range of NLP techniques and tailored hypnotherapy to address your particular problem habits and quit smoking, and to change your mind about the way you perceive these behaviours, so that you do not automatically reach for that smoke, bite those nails, pull that hair et cetera. I replace the associations that you have with the problem behaviour, with ones that are more useful (and accurate). If you experience stress, for example, you will no longer automatically look to cigarettes as a relief.

During hypnosis, you reach a trance-like state similar to daydreaming so that you are aware, but at the same time, disconnected. In this state your mind is more open to suggestions. In this way, the suggestions that I make, stick, and your automatic reflex to grab a smoke, for example, is slowed down, giving you the opportunity to make a choice. Hypnosis is NOT mind control. It is a process of giving you back the opportunity to make better choices, once that automatic reflex is under control. That is why you need to be ready to give those extra glasses of wine or those cigarettes the flick – so that you choose well. 

Each client is different. Whether your habit stems from an underlying cause, or it is just a habit, hypnotherapy and NLP are excellent techniques to help you kick this problem behaviour, for good. Smoking is one of several areas where scientists have researched the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. An article in New Scientist magazine found the following: “But for most smokers the most effective technique was hypnosis, in which smokers go into a state of deep relaxation and listen to suggestive tapes… The latest relaxation techniques achieve success rates of up to 60 per cent from a single session… “  


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