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Session Structure & Fees

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Face-to-face sessions in Coolum Beach (or online)

Plan your path to good mental and emotional health with Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast.

I structure your sessions in packages so that I can plan your course to success. Booking session by session does not enable this care. I typically see clients for 3-4 sessions.

Many of the problems people face have overlapping elements from these 4 packages, for instance, anxiety underlying low confidence – that’s OK. Just pick the package that sounds closest to your needs.


  • Confidence Package $450 (save $70) This package includes 1 x 90 min session and 2 x 60 min sessions. It can include boosting motivation, goal setting, reinventing self, combating a fear of failure, childhood trauma, and more. Whatever has rocked your confidence can be explored here. This package normally includes a Timeline regression around the issue.
  • Weight Issues Package $450 (save $70) This package includes 1 x 90 min session and 2 x 60 min sessions. Weight gain is often associated with underlying issues that prevent  successful weight loss, as well as dealing with behaviour change around eating and exercise, specifically. This package normally includes a Timeline regression around the issue.
  • Anxiety & Depression Package $450 (save $70) This package includes 1 x 90 min session and 2 x 60 min sessions. It can incorporate PTSD, trauma, inner child work, phobias, insomnia and more. Essentially anxiety and depression are both symptoms of overwhelm. Whatever has caused this feeling will be dealt with. This package normally includes a Timeline regression around the issue.
  • Problem Habits Package $450 (save $70) This package includes 1 x 90 min session and 2 x 60 min sessions. It is centred around habits – smoking, drinking, nail biting, gambling, more. Please note that I do not work with drug addictions. This package normally includes a Timeline regression around the issue.
  • Timeline Therapy/ Regression ($220): I usually include a Timeline or Regression session as part of the package offerings above, but you can also come in specifically for this. Timeline allows you to trace back the problem feeling or sensation to its roots, and then we can resolve it at cause. Timeline also helps you to leave the past behind, and move towards a compelling future (around 75-90 minutes).
  • Initial Single Session ($220): If you wish to simply explore hypnosis with a single session, this is the best option for you. The initial session is usually longer than others, as there is more information for me to collect, and for you to digest. Initial sessions run for approximately 90 minutes.
  • Session Follow Up ($150): If you wish to follow up on a package or a previous session with a another session, then an hourly session might be right for you. Sometimes after a package is complete you will want to continue the therapy or come back in for  ‘top up’.
  • Inner Guidance Journey ($280): These sessions sit in a category of their own. Read about it under ‘My Services’. You only need one.
  • *You will also receive a complimentary MP3 download of a relaxation recording relevant to your needs, for your continued listening. It will be available via email link.

Booking and Payment

TEXT OR CALL 0481 312 173 to place your booking /

Email: mailbox.horizons@gmail.com

Face-to-face sessions in Coolum Beach (or online)

Payment is with physical credit card or with cash (change cannot be given). Sessions are by appointment only and late cancellations make it difficult to fill places. Unless due to illness or emergency, a 50% fee will be charged for cancellations between 48 and 24 hours before your appointment; and full session price charged for all non-attendance with less than 24 hours notice. You have 8 weeks to use your package, but sessions are best done one week apart. Sessions are also available online which can help resolve any scheduling issues. Refunds are not offered.

*Health Fund Rebates may be available

*Please read the Exceptions below before booking

What to Expect

Hypnotherapy is not ‘mind control’, but a collaboration – you need to be actively engaged in the work because after all, it is your mind. Some processes I use with you are fully conscious, others are lightly tranced, just like daydreaming, while others are deeply hypnotic. You do not need a deeply hypnotic state for hypnotherapy to work.

Hypnotherapy is most effective when done over a few sessions, where 3-4 sessions is recommended for most conditions. For best results you will have your sessions one  week apart, however, you have 8 weeks to use the package. Are you ready for change?


Are you taking prescribed anti-psychotic drugs? Have you been diagnosed with bipolar, schizophrenia, are experiencing psychotic episodes, or identify as a drug addict? Do you experience hallucinations (seeing, hearing things that are not there), believe things that are not actually true (delusions), or have difficulty distinguishing your own thoughts from reality?

Are you feeling suicidal? If so, you need to consult a medical doctor immediately. Hypnotherapy is not recommended in these cases and unfortunately I cannot help you.

Also, if you experience epilepsy, hypnosis can actually trigger the condition, so again, hypnotherapy is contraindicated.


I operate face-to-face from Coolum Beach & or online, Australia-wide. 

Note on FACE-TO-FACE sessions: If you have cold or flu like symptoms, you must postpone until you are well, or change your booking to the online format. Only one person may enter the clinic at a time, unless you are accompanying a minor, otherwise if you have someone with you, they cannot come in. Special attention is paid to hand washing and the cleaning of surfaces in my clinic.


Face-to-Face 1 – Dr. Christina Kargillis (EdD) does not claim to have legally recognised qualifications or authority as a medical therapist. She is an academic Doctor with vast expertise in wellbeing and lifestyle change research and teaching. She acts as a director, mentor, guide or navigator for those who choose to contact her out of concern for their own personal journey in pursuit of happiness, fulfillment and/or liberation from mind-made suffering.
2 — Her service has been designed and is provided for people in a state of normal mental and physical health and functioning, to help them to relax more deeply into awakening, self-awareness and positive suggestion. It is not designed to diagnose or cure any kind of mental or physical illness.
3 — Her service is offered in good faith and any advice or instruction provided in any interaction clients may have with her should not been seen by them as a substitute for the professional advice of medical doctors, psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. In all cases it is the responsibility of each client to seek appropriate professional treatment for any symptoms of disease or disorder they may be experiencing.
4 – Dr. Christina Kargillis is not able to give any warranty or guarantee that personal problems (either expressed or implied) presented by a client can or will be resolved.
5 – Dr. Christina Kargillis does not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences of a client’s use of her services. A client’s use of the advice or information provided in a hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or coaching session, their interpretation of what they see or hear in such sessions or any effects on them or others which they attribute to such sessions is their responsibility alone.
6 — In no event shall Dr. Christina Kargillis be liable to any person(s) for any loss or damage of any kind which may occur as a result of the hypnotherapy, NLP or coaching service(s) she provides.

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