Hypnotherapy for Weight Issues

3 sessions - $450

Address weight issues with Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast. Are you over eating? Are you choosing the wrong foods? Are you binge eating? Are you seeking comfort food? Are you eating to lift your mood? Are you eating for something to do?

There are countless reasons why a person eats for failure rather than eating for success. What’s your story? Each person is different. If you are seeking help with weight loss for example, you have probably tried restrictive dieting, supplements and meal replacements, unsustainable exercise programs and other approaches, and have been disappointed. This is unfortunately too common. My approach is for you to discover how you are perpetuating your weight issue. Is it emotional eating stemming from anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, low self-worth or unresolved conflicts? Or is it a ‘simple’ habit?

Overeating and overindulgence is associated with certain emotions, relationships, and events. Sometimes the excess of food or the wrong choices of food are related to emotional trauma such as from types of abuse. Ultimately, to achieve long-term weight loss, we need to access the unconscious barriers in place, process them and replace them with a new sense of identity.  To give a very simple example, if I were 10 kilos overweight and I kept eating chocolate cake, because it gave me comfort, I would probably still keep eating it unless I received that comfort elsewhere. The search for comfort in this instance would be the underlying emotion that fuelled the problem. It’s not always that straight forward, but you get the idea. Resolving underlying triggers, while opening your mind to hypnosis to help you choose the right foods and restrict the wrong ones, are is key to your success. 

Through hypnotherapy and NLP I can help you to reprioritise good eating over bad. We also work with your belief systems so that you can accept and embrace that better version of you – yes that s/he who has been hiding! If you can see it, you can move towards it. If the issue is psychologically caused, hypnotherapy and NLP can help.

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