Dr. Christina Kargillis (EdD)
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I have recently completed 3 sessions with Christina Kargillis to seek a resolution to my 50 years of difficulty in not being able to face eating a wide range of foods.
I had twice sought hypnotherapy assistance with this issue 10 and 30 years ago but found the techniques being applied did not have any benefit. A chance meeting with Christina meant I would give it one last try
Christina’s approach using NLP as a prelude to Hypnosis was quite different to my previous experience and was one I could understand. It gave me confidence in her methodology.
I have immediately begun to eat two common types of food which had proven problematic in social situations. This is clearly an ongoing journey for me but one that I am now confident that I can win. Christina has challenged my fear as opposed to specific food items and hence that gives me the confidence to continue the expansion of my diet going forward

You have no idea how much that regression session has healed and cleared my energy. I have made so many transformations since then. You are an absolute miracle worker.

I just had my first dentist appointment in a long time… no Valium! After two sessions my anxiety has really dropped. This is huge!

My low confidence has led me into many bad relationships. I have tended to choose partners who put me down or who cheated on me. The last relationship ended badly and I sunk into a pit of darkness for almost a year. I felt worthless. I didn’t want to try for another relationship again. Christina helped me to see that my own opinion of myself, deep inside, was the real problem. By the third session I was seeing myself in a new light. I could no longer say that I was not good enough. I feel more confident in myself. If I do begin another relationship in the future, I know it won’t be a repeat of the past. 

I saw Christina for three sessions. I had suffered from depression since I was a teenager. But now I notice that I am responding to very unexpected and challenging situations in a much calmer, more controlled manner. I have found myself to be assertive, not defensive, and proactive rather than anxious. 

I believe I suffered childhood trauma, but had no memory of the event. I just felt that there was a dark secret in my family, and no-one would talk about it. I have barely been able to retain any memories since then, except to go to work and pick up my son, just the essential stuff. I had all the brain scans and there was nothing wrong with me medically. Now after four sessions my memories are starting to come back, more and more each week. For the first time, I can now remember important events from my son’s life. Up until now, he had more memory of his young life than I did. Now I can really begin to build a life with him and look forward.

Christina creates a beautifully held space for her hypnosis work. I found it easy to relax, and welcomed Christina’s gentle and expert approach. Limiting thought patterns rose to the surface easily, and responded well to Christina’s sensitive and insightful therapeutic intervention. I emerged from the session feeling relaxed and refreshed, and have experienced a greater ease in my life since this session.

I was so impressed with the work I undertook with Christina. I found her to be professional, trustworthy and responsive to my needs. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to make a change. The insights and understandings I received from working with her have remained with me. Thank you for making the process so simple Christina!

I have tried hypnotherapy before and find it a very useful method of either helping overcome some issues you might be struggling with or if you’re already in a good head space, to further enhance that powerful mindset.

Christina creates a nice calm atmosphere making it easy to relax and trust her guidance through the session. Even though I had some very specific things I wanted to work on, Christina’s session revealed a whole array of things to consider which gave me both guidance on how to move forward and clarity of my current situation. I finished the session overwhelmingly calm and confident and motivated to power ahead. I highly recommend these sessions with Christina.


I found Christina very intuitive and gentle.


I just wanted to say that things are going really well and I want to thank you for everything. I’m feeling so positive and my anxiety has really decreased.


I must admit that at first I didn’t experience any noticeable significant change… I was watching and waiting. I then had a few challenging situations and noticed that I handled them differently from the past. They didn’t feel so overwhelming, I felt like I could manage them and they didn’t depress me so much. I looked at them more as a learning experience than one that would make me feel terrible long term. I had the urge to eat better, not looking for crutches to ‘carry ‘ me and noticed that I wasn’t wanting to smoke when I had nothing to do but went for a walk instead. I had wanted instant results, but my body and psyche took some time to process things. I hadn’t done anything different but go to Christina. 

I found you very open, compassionate, intuitive. A very good listener. You heard me, saw me and responded to my needs.

I will certainly recommend you to others.


I came to quit smoking and I’m happy to say I don’t even think of them anymore. Getting Hypnotherapy was much easier to deal with the first 2 days after stopping, compared with going ‘cold turkey’ or using ‘patches’. The thing I liked the most was your line of questioning that targets the ‘why’ and ‘triggers’ that an individual associates with smoking, that we never really ask ourselves.

 The best Hypnotherapy I’ve had. The first few days I had about 5 cravings that lasted a few seconds, but didn’t actually want a smoke. Its been about 3-4 weeks and haven’t looked back. Feel great. I have a project I’m working on which also gives me purpose and I’m finding that a bit more creativity is returning.


My dreams have definitely become less.  In fact, I haven’t had one in the last week.  My reaction to my partner remains calm and controlled.  I can definitely see an improvement and I am very happy with myself and the outcome of the sessions.

Everything was just perfect!


I am happy to say that I have not smoked since our session and I found it extremely helpful. The session was good and the experience was great…


I use some of the techniques you gave me and manage to fall asleep again.   I seem less grumpy in the morning!
I felt the sessions were focused and you covered a lot, yet managed to wrap it up so I  felt complete and safe  at the conclusion of each session.


I got the job I was worried I wasn’t good enough for. I think it’s a good balance between talking and the actually hypnotherapy


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