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Let us remove the blockages causing your mental, emotional or physical dis-ease, and then add clean energy. Rebalance your system so that you can heal.

Energy Healing

1 hr session - $130



Scientists agree that everything in this universe is composed of molecules that are vibrating at various frequencies. That’s no different for the molecules located within our bodies which are constantly vibrating and radiating positive or negative, balanced or unbalanced, opened or closed frequencies.


If your our organs are misaligned energetically and radiating low-vibrational frequencies, it can materialise into physical ailments, like pains, sickness and disease. Emotionally and psychologically, all the traumas we carry impact the functionality of our energy systems, and vice versa. Energy healing is designed to rebalance that system by giving the body what it needs, to rebalance itself.


As part of Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast I practice Pranic Energy Healing. I can work Pranic healing into a hypnosis session, or I can focus solely on the energy healing itself. You would have heard of Reiki, which has a similar approach but is vastly different in structure. There is no physical contact in Pranic Energy Healing, for example.


Unlike research into hypnotherapy, I cannot offer you much scientific support for energy healing except to say that perhaps science hasn’t worked it out yet. I do know, however, why I became interested in adding this modality to my list. My personal experience with energy healing is that it can dramatically enhance the vibration of a person, place or thing. The most obvious are physical complaints that vanish or greatly improve, after a treatment or course of treatments. Other benefits include better sleep, a positive outlook where depression or anxiety once sat, renewed optimism and confidence. The list goes on. The energy reset allows your body and your mind to heal itself as far as it can. Often you will only need one session. If the problem is long standing or complex, you may need more.


Pranic Energy Healing is complementary therapy so it is not designed to replace medical advice. I have focussed this work around emotional states mainly – anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem for example, but I have also had clients get up after a session and find that a chronic hip condition, for example, has been alleviated. Having said that, you can come for energy healing to improve any emotional or physical complaint because it is about providing the body with what it needs to rebalance itself.


The Olive Tree, cancer support organisation in the UK, describes Pranic Energy Healing as such: “Pranic Healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy treatment that uses prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is the Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this energy as Chi. In Japanese it is called Ki, as in Reiki.”


Energy healing requires you, the client, to be in a receptive state. Receptivity encourages the flow of energy. In this way it is similar to hypnosis where you really have to want to do it – it is not about mind control. So if you come in for energy healing, you need to put your critical mind to the side, and simply enjoy a relaxing experience.


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