Regression back to the womb can be very beneficial and healing for the client, especially if the client experienced a difficult birth. Some of the effects of a difficult birth can lead to a life filled with confusion and anxiety, or not fitting in, not belonging.

That difficult birth can include the environment of the womb and any associated problems, the way the mother felt during the process, the way she felt towards the child, or anything that the baby sensed at that time. For example, if the mother’s heart rate increased during that time, the child may interpret the environment as one of panic. A recent client discovered that her birth trauma began at the start of a 12-hour labour.

By healing trauma back to the womb, the client gains the opportunity to rewrite their entire life history and heal the time line that they have travelled to date. This then sets them up for a future clear of old, stuck patterns and beliefs.

The session begins as with any hypnosis – an induction designed to relax the client progressively into a state of trance. I will then ask the client to recall childhood memories, going back, back, back in age and back to the womb. The next focal point is to find out when the child first became united with its soul.

Clients may choose to travel back further at this point and explore past lives, or they may be focussed on healing the trauma of birth.

Clients sometimes second-guess themselves as to whether their recollections back to the womb, or beyond, were ‘true’. Was it a memory, or a metaphor? No-one can answer this question. The important aspect is that the unconscious mind delivered the information for a reason, to provide an inner sense of knowing which guides the client towards healing. Metaphors are powerful within themselves in this way. Memory or metaphor, this inner knowing can trigger the healing of the past and present life situations as it all starts to make sense. Insights may continue to unfold for days or weeks to come to provide further personal validity to the experience.

A recent client went back to the womb and recalled her father’s words at the time of her birth: “She doesn’t look a thing like me, it’ all you”. This recollection, or metaphor, formed the basis of 50 years of relationship trouble between herself and her father, and with men in general. She never felt loved, valued or that she belonged. It instilled within her a deep seeded feeling of rejection. Only after the regression back to the womb did she begin to understand what had been occurring in her male/female interactions. With awareness begins healing.

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