In these uncertain and unprecedented times, where anxiety and depression are at an all time high, let me help you to find certainty.

Up until a month ago I was only doing face-to-face sessions in my hypnotherapy clinic. But everything has changed due to the COVID-19 safety measures. So how have I found doing hypnotherapy online? I have had mainly anxiety clients since this change. These are clients who lacked certainty and whose lives were reactive and characterised by a feeling of being out of control. Have I helped them to find that certainty, despite the lack of proximity during our sessions? Yes I have. In fact, in many ways it has been better. Let me explain how:

Benefits of Online Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Clients

Three main reasons that anxiety clients have found online sessions more relaxing include:

  • They can relax comfortably, usually positioned on their couch
  • They can relaxed due to the absence of travel without worrying about being late
  • They can relax in their familiar space and surroundings, with access to a familiar bathroom, etcetera

Is it as Deep?

The anxiety clients I have had since COVID-19 encouraged my online practice have experienced profound change. They have found the certainty they needed. With these clients, it has been a deep level of healing and trance. The depth of the experience depends upon certain factors. These include:

  • My intention for the session
  • The client’s commitment to healing
  • The capacity for the client to relax, as explored above
  • The capacity for the client to control his/her environment, such as blocking out external sound
  • Good audio
  • Clear visuals (to a lesser extent)

So you see, the client has a little more work to do in setting up their environment and finding a comfortable space as well as time where they can attend to the session, 100 per cent. They also need headphones, a relevant software program and internet, water, and tissues (in some cases).

I was nervous setting up my online practice because I hadn’t done it before, although I have many colleagues who have practiced online for years. I still miss my face-to-face sessions and look forward to opening my physical clinic door again, but I won’t stop my online practice. We are always learning and changing – it’s part of life. I welcome these changes and I invite you to shed your anxiety in the comfort of my virtual clinic, when you are ready.