Some clients come to resolves issues such as phobias, weight gain, smoking, insomnia, just to mention a few. I always start with an intake form and discussion around the problem where I ask them directly what they think is behind it. Sometimes they have a pretty good idea; and other times it is a problem which has morphed from the original sensitising event, which is no longer obvious. In both cases, occasionally clients also believe that by concealing information, and working around certain painful memories, they can avoid a whole lot of hurt and still achieve their goal. But concealing information is very limiting for the practitioner.

In such cases, mostly these clients just don’t want to discuss such issues with a stranger – fair enough. The good news however is that I don’t need to know all the details. That’s right. I can work with a client who has such painful memories that they do not wish to share.

Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are highly process driven modalities. While it is more effective in some instances to address the details, it is not essential. As a practitioner however, knowing what I’m dealing with is as important as a road map in unfamiliar territory.

Anne’s story

Anne came in for weight loss. We worked around issues of low self esteem, regressing her back to her childhood where she experienced some trigger events. We explored confidence building processes to raise her motivation. We addressed her ability to plan and achieve goals. We manipulated her desire for the wrong kinds of foods, dropping it down by several notches. We did a whole lot of stuff in the first two sessions, but her eating habits had not changed.

In session three she told me that a certain painful memory from her past had been coming to the forefront of her mind since we started working together, yet she had not raised it until half way through that last session. When I asked her about it, she did not want to discuss it. It became evident that this issue was the road block that prevented her from achieving that self esteem she needed, to break free of her self sabotaging approach towards food.

In the last 30 minutes I scrambled to address the issue, with the limited information that I had. The process was very emotional for Anne. I can only guess at what she had suffered. By the end of that session, Anne told me she felt that she could now settle emotionally, and get on with her day. We said goodbye. I hope to see Anne again as we really ran out of time to complete the weight loss work properly, because of her concealing information.

When an issue comes to the forefront of the client’s mind after starting some hypnotherapy and NLP, it is wanting to be looked at. This painful mystery memory had presented itself very clearly for Anne to address. We managed to do something with it in the time we had, but holding back such experiences only delays the healing process.

Hypnotherapy, and NLP, is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Usually three sessions is enough for most people, but will depend on how the information comes, and whether or not it is given the opportunity for review.

It is of course painful to revisit certain experiences, but all I need to work with you effectively is a guideline. In return I can offer you a professional approach, and compassion. Why wait another 30 years to kill that demon? Isn’t it time you got on with living? Healing long standing emotional (and physical) abuse can be indescribably liberating. Concealing information will only hold you back. Trust the process. Find out more.