We’ve al heard of manifestation now. There are many books on the topic. It’s a process that allows you to create your reality, and every book or podcast has its own spin on the best way to do it. But unless your unconscious mind is on board with your chosen direction, you’ll likely be navigating this new reality, up hill.

Jasmine’s ‘Create Your Reality’ Experience

Jasmine did not come in to see me in order to do any manifestation. Manifestation of her desires just happened after we cleared her subconscious blocks around feeling defenceless. And the change was within days. Jasmine’s understanding of ‘create your reality’ principles was already above average, having done a lot of work on healing herself through exploring spiritual ideals for many years. She was almost 80 years of age when I met her.

Jasmine came in to see me because she was having trouble with her landlord. This was not the first time she had felt victimised, bullied and treated like a dispensable object. This same pattern of abuse started with her mother a long time ago. While Jasmine had released a lot of the trauma around her mum, this feeling of defencelessness still lingered. We needed to resolve it.

We did regression work in session one, taking Jasmine back through the original incident where she first felt that defenceless feeling, and reframing it so that Jasmine could feel powerful instead of victimised. When I saw Jasmine in session two, her problem with her landlord had magically disintegrated.

Within that week, the landlord had told Jasmine she had to vacate, and the very next day, Jasmine found the perfect place, which is no easy feat for a single woman on a pension in an extremely competitive rental market. Until Jasmine came in for that session, she was struggling with the idea of having to put up with the ordeal, but certain that she had no options.

Through the regression work, on an unconscious level, Jasmine had realised that she now no longer accepted being used, abused and treated unfairly. Up until our regression, she was still accepting that condition, even though logically she rejected it. As the unconscious mind deals with emotions and core beliefs, that is what needed to change. In the decades preceding this work we did together, Jasmine had read and learned much in the way of boundaries and self-respect, but until she could actually feel it and truly, deeply believe it, nothing could change. As soon as the belief and the experience changed, so did Jasmine’s reality.

The day after our regression session Jasmine texted me to let me know that she felt different. This was not just learning something new, this was becoming something new.A few days later still, and the problem vanished. Jasmine is an example of how you too can create your reality by changing your beliefs at core level, and your emotional responses to old triggers or old patterns.

Cementing the Work

Granted, most people,need more than one session to change their lives. Three usually does it. However, Jasmine’s decades-long interest in philosophy and spirituality would have assisted with the speed at which her unconscious mind took in the new experience. She has also demonstrated commitment to her physical and mental health over the decades, and so this did not go astray when I gave Jasmine some exercises to perform.

In order to create your reality, you need to communicate with your unconscious mind. This is where the exercises come in. They confirm and reaffirm the work we do in the regression. They are designed to break old patterns and create new ones.

If you need help creating your world, we can help. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast.