Insomnia is sleep deprivation and it can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it is a physical cause such as foods, drugs or supplements that will interfere with your sleep. Sometimes it is a mineral imbalance, or a hormonal imbalance that will cause the insomnia. Sometimes it is digestive. However a lot of the time it is an emotional issue such as worry or anxiety. If the cause is psychological, such as with worry, hypnotherapy can help you to cure insomnia.

Our systems are finely balanced machines and many people’s natural rhythms can be thrown off balance when psychological problems set in. If we look at anxiety for example, you might think of it as having a similar effect upon your sleep as coffee before sleep! Both anxiety and coffee stimulate the senses and put your mind into hyperdrive. But even a little caffeine can cause a disruption. If we look at long term worries such as ongoing family or relationship or work issues, we might see them as a kind of weak coffee. Weak coffee before bed is often enough to disturb your slumber, or make it difficult to fall back to sleep after you wake, for example.

How Can I Cure Insomnia?

Well if it is a psychological cause, you can use hypnotherapy to resolve the underlying worries and to reduce or eliminate your anxiety. Hypnotherapy can also help is you have some of the other, physical causes behind your insomnia, in some cases, because it can modulate your responses. Doctors and dentists in Asia have been using hypnotherapy for hundreds of years in place of pain relief, just as one example. In fact I spoke to a woman here in Australia who recalled using hypnosis for pain relief in the removal of her teeth, some 40 years ago.

In hypnosis, your unconscious mind is given the emotional and psychological resources to overcome and resolve the cause of the worry or anxiety. On a very basic level, in this trance like state, your unconscious mind follows a metaphorical story or series of symbolic experiences, like in a dream, in order to put things into place and settle those worries. In more complex forms of hypnosis, your unconscious mind is given those resources to replace the past, so that it can believe that you in fact handled things differently, and so it now it can let go of the worries. I use many techniques in hypnosis to help clients cure insomnia, these are just two of the most common approaches.

Cure Insomnia – Erin’s Experience

Erin had a lot of trouble sleeping, since she could remember. When we explored the issues, it was clear that Erin’s teenage years were highly problematic and had caused some long-term emotional damage, as she had been raised in a dysfunctional family. She was now 47. We looked at how Erin was feeling when she lay awake at night and she said that she felt on high alert and unsafe – although she knew that she was now safe, she still felt the echo of those early years. This made sense considering incidents in her past. We did lots of work with Erin over three sessions to both calm the mind and resolve long standing issues and cure insomnia. Erin’s insomnia disappeared.

Hypnotherapy or Sleeping Pills?

Christine Kargilis was v professional. She was highly empathetic and extraordinarily competent with Hypnotherapy and NLP. Due to her expertise it only took a few sessions to resolve my insomnia and resolve other issues.

Client Review

Hypnotherapy works for around 85 per cent of people I see in my clinic. It is definitely worth a go to see if it will work for you to cure insomnia, eliminate worries and beat anxiety, among many other issues. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast