Easter is about transformation, no matter what your religion. Here we have the story of the suffering of Christ, which ends with a critical incident, being a gruesome death by crucifixion, followed by a day of rest before a magnificent rebirth. It is a classic story.

But transformation can take many forms, and it is how we respond to the issues which threaten to destabilise us, which matters most. Sometimes it is the death of a loved one which can represent that critical incident; and our transformation occurs as we adjust to life without them. Other times our critical incident is one tied to our work, such as a workplace bullying incident, which may then prompt us to change jobs and begin anew elsewhere. For some people it is physical abuse which leads to a point of no return, and changes must be made if we are to survive.

Most of the time there is a lack of support which makes the suffering so much deeper. And through all of this, our suffering can feel as though we are in fact being crucified.

It is around such critical life incidents that we need courage to make the changes necessary to either: prevent the critical incident from occurring by ‘nipping it in the bud’; resolve the critical incident once it has happened; change the circumstances to ensure future safety; and focus on our emotional and mental health to restore our spirits, so that we may rise again.

So yes, Easter is about transformation… Have you taken an inventory lately of your transformation needs? Courage is easier than regret, so let’s get busy 🙂