Finding lost objects is a common request for hypnotherapists. Being in a calm state of mind can help you to recall what happened with the item because the anxiety caused by the missing item can interfere with your recollection of where you put it in the first place.

In this way, a hypnotherapist can guide you to remember. They can still your mind and lead you to retrace your steps. The unconscious mind is like a storehouse of data. Where your conscious mind can only recall 7-9 bits of information at any one time, your unconscious mind has access to your entire experience – memories, sensations, beliefs, sensory interpretations.

The unconscious communicates in feelings, urges and imagery, just like when you are dreaming. During a hypnosis session you may receive clues to the missing item, or you may suddenly remember where it is.

When hypnotherapy may not work

However, finding lost objects can be tricky due to the fact that the item may have moved since you misplaced it, or perhaps someone else has moved it. You also need to be sure that the value of the missing item is worth the risk of not finding the item, but having to pay for the hypnotherapy appointment anyway. Aside from the possibility that the item may have moved since you misplaced it, you may also find that you are one of the minority of people who do not respond well, or well enough, to hypnosis.

I was once asked if I could help a woman locate a missing item of jewelry. The item was valued at the same cost of the session so in the end, the woman decided not to take the risk. I was also asked to help someone locate a substantial bundle of money. The man told me it could have been lost or stolen. I explained that he then has, at most, a 50% chance of remembering where it could be. He decided not to spend any more money trying to remember, since it may do him no good and at the same time, would cost him the session fee.

If you have lost something and require assistance finding it, make sure that it is worth the money that you will spend in trying to find it, and that you are certain it is lost, not stolen.

If you do decide that hypnosis is a good option for you, please make a booking.