Sometimes, you receive the best guidance by following your own intuition. This is especially so for the big questions, which concern your destiny, your choices, your lessons. Some examples could be determining your career purpose; understanding why certain patterns exist in your life; or searching for the reason behind your anxiety or depression.

I have recently trained in Quantum Consciousness (named Inner Guidance on my website) which is a process designed to guide the client through a series of expanded states of awareness, so that they themselves can address these very issues. It is a lengthy process which takes 1.5 – 3 hours, depending on how open and comfortable the client is in accepting the information which comes forward.

Who can benefit from an Inner Guidance session?

I have facilitated these sessions with absolute beginners in the realm of intuitive awareness; and with highly experienced clients who have engaged in some form of meditation for several years.

Both types of clients have received answers to their questions. The more experienced ‘seekers’ received more information, but how can we judge who benefits the most? The less experienced received the impetus to begin a healing journey and to focus on change and improvement. The process is different for everyone, but it is profound.

In hypnotherapy, I guide the client with beneficial suggestions. In Quantum Consciousness/Inner Guidance, I facilitate the client to address the big questions, themselves. If you are interested in exploring what your unconscious has to say about your big decisions, book a session.