A lot of the time, clients will come into the clinic for hypnotherapy or Pranic Energy healing, who are in desperate need of grounding energy. Much of the time, little improvement will be seen in the client until we take care of this very simple, but very vital part of their health.

How do You Know if You Need Grounding Energy?

  • Are you scattered?
  • Are your emotions controlling you?
  • Are you restless?
  • Do you change jobs or living environments frequently?
  • Do you have difficulty saving money or with financial planning?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Do you wake up tired?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating or feel dizzy?

These are just some of the signs that you may be ungrounded, and need some grounding energy. Grounding helps you to feel more stable, strong and safe.

With severely traumatised people and with people who cannot relax enough to enter a state appropriate for traditional hypnosis (getting sleepy etc), I do the grounding work fairly early to settle the energy so that the client can relax into the therapy session.

Grounding can be done in several ways – physically, mentally or energetically. There is a whole enterprise built around physical grounding tools to help you to feel better connected to the earth. Some of these devices include grounding mats or sheets that you lie on, for example, to regulate and harmonise your energy with that of Mother Earth, so that you are no longer floating about, unattached, as if floating around like a balloon. Also, on the physical level, walking barefoot or walking in nature is a fantastic way to get grounded.

Energetically I will work with Pranic energy healing on the client’s lower chakras to help clear them of stuck energy; and to then install fresh energy into the chakras, creating movement and deeper connection with the earth. Reiki uses a similar method.

Mentally I will use a visualisation technique which essentially finds my client imagining that they are a tree, with their roots going deep into the ground (through the feet and the tailbone), connecting with the earth’s core. Using the colours red and gold are particularly helpful in this activity. I then get the client to carry that red/gold back up through the body and to connect to the heavens above, as if traveling along branches (arms, hands and fingers). Then the client will bring the red/gold energy back down again, into the earth. Done over time, this simple visualisation really helps to grow the strength of the lower chakras and the grounding energy of the person. If we are not connecting to the earth, we are literally floating around without an anchor.

How Will Grounding Energy Help?

Aside from assisting you with resolving those dot points above, grounding is one of the keys to manifestation. It’s great to dream and hope, but unless you ground those dreams into reality, they will most likely stay afloat. So, think of grounding energy as a silent partner in achieving your wish list. It is the difference that can make all the difference in reaching those goals because it provides the power of direction.

If you would like assistance with getting grounded, we can help. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast