Hypnotherapy is about more than just the mind. The heart plays a far more important role in our experience than we realise. To heal the heart and the mind together is essential in many cases where emotional dysfunction lies at the root of your issue.

A few simple facts

Did you know… When you were a fetus in your mother’s womb, your heart was formed before your brain? Your heart is auto rhythmic – it doesn’t need a hard wired connection to the brain to keep beating. It beats 110,000 times a day and it produces enough power in just one hour to lift 1000 kilos, one metre off the ground!

The electromagnetic field around the heart is the most powerful of any organ in the body, including the brain. If you place heart cells from different people, or even animals, on a petrie dish, they will start beating in unison. WOW! They synchronise and communicate! Different people’s brain cells on the other hand do not communicate, and simply die.

In the 1960’s two professors suggested that the heart also sends messages to the brain that are understood, and obeyed. A little later in the 1990’s Dr Armour found that the heart has a complex nervous system that is sophisticated enough to be classified AS A BRAIN! It communicates to the brain about feelings, impulse, decisions, creativity, strategic thinking, reaction time and more.

We need a new approach

If we only talk to the mind in hypnosis, we ‘bypass’ a key stakeholder in the healing conversation, and perhaps perhaps never reach resolution. Heal the heart to heal your life.

To heal the heart in hypnosis requires a shift in focus. It is a matter of targeted activities focusing on the heart centre, while addressing the mind as usual. It involves a little more body work and body ‘conversations’ than some hypnotherapists might entertain, but it is largely a shift in focus. Find out more?