Abuse comes in many forms – familial, relationship, work, social, you name it. When a person experiences abuse it can be emotional/energetic, mental and/or physical. If a person is dealing with a narcissist, for example, that emotional and mental abuse is more subtle and drawn out than if it were a physical assault. But with physical assault, the implications can be long and drawn out too. However you look at it, abuse is bad for many reasons but one of the key, underlying crimes of abuse is that it takes something away from the victim.

Healing abuse involves many things, but one of the most important is about taking back what the abuser stole from you – your dignity, your voice, your trust, your rights, your freedom, etc. If you experienced violence as a child, were bullied at work, suffered sexual assault, felt relentlessly manipulated in a relationship, whatever it was, you had something taken from you that you need to get back in order to feel whole again.

Abuse can continue for many years, until the energy between the parties changes, and then the relationship must change. Without intervention, it is almost impossible for a child experiencing abuse to change the energy of that relationship because children are essentially totally dependent on their environment. That’s the saddest part. But as adults, we can change that dynamic, and it starts inside, mentally and emotionally.

Most people don’t seek assistance in recovery from abuse until after it is mostly over. Sometimes it is many years later. That’s because abuse is often confusing, especially if you are dealing with a narcissist. In such cases, it takes a lot of self-questioning to understand what is going on, and to register how you are feeling. Sometimes it takes years for things to become clear. With something more obvious like physical abuse, such as a battered wife scenario, there are often sacrifices which need to be made in order to escape the situation successfully. This needs the type of personal resolve which doesn’t click into place for everyone straight away, especially if they are worn down emotionally, or their situation is risky.

It’s never too late to get it back

No matter how long ago you experienced this abuse, and no matter what type it was, you need to get back what was lost. This is where hypnotherapy can really help. Because abuse is complicated, I’m only going to touch on the regression part of the healing process, and please keep in mind that this is different for everyone. When I regress an abuse client, I will go through a list of what was taken from them, without permission, by the abuser. Trust is implicit in most cases, but there are usually a list of emotions involved. If money was taken, or a house, I will prompt for what this commodity means to the victim. They might suggest it represents their freedom, their right, their trust, their safety, their hope, and so on. These emotions becomes the ‘stolen articles’, for want of a better term.

Once we have identified the deficit of ‘stolen articles’, we begin the work of retrieving those articles that have been held captive by the abuser, even if they have been missing for years. It is the happiest moment in a session like this for me to see a person’s trust and hope return to them, like long lost friends. The result is that the person generally feels whole again, stronger and empowered. The energy changes between the abuser and the victim, and then the dynamics must change also.

Sometimes those stolen articles need cleaning or healing before they can come back ‘home’ where they belong. Often they will leave the abuser looking old and dilapidated. The unconscious mind has wonderful ways of expressing this. A recent client saw her trust float out of the abuser as a dark, dried up stool! We needed to place that trust in a healing sphere before we could welcome it home and integrate it back, into the body.

Your unconscious mind is a fascinating place. If you know how to communicate with it, it will reveal to you your own innermost secrets, and solutions to achieving balance. If you need help with that communication, I am here to facilitate. Working online poses absolutely no limitation in this or other hypnotherapy healing. It’s never to late to get it back 🙂