I use colour in both my hypnotherapy practice and my Pranic energy healing. Healing with colour is a powerful experience. Most people have an intuitive understanding of how to use colour, and how different colours relate to certain conditions.

Personal Interpretations of Colour

When I work with a client in hypnosis for example, I will ask them to tell me where in the body they feel that certain feeling, whether it be anxiety, grief, low self esteem, or whatever. Then I will ask them what colour it is. Mostly, they will come up with something. If they are more kinaesthetic, of feeling types rather than visual, they might just say it’s light or dark, or weightless or heavy, but usually, they will see a colour. The colour that they come up with carries an energy that corresponds with that particular emotion, and that is largely subjective. Sometimes that energy is influenced by the association someone has with a particular colour, for example they might find blue oppressive if they endured difficulty working in the police force. For someone else, blue may represent peace.

Other times, the colour that they come up with it is simply a personal translation of the feeling into colour form. A deep anger might come out as red, for one person, or a blackish purple for another. Happiness might translate as yellow. Shame might also translate as yellow but perhaps more of a mustard yellow. Everyone has their own language of colour when used in this context.

Sometimes during a regression session the client will come through their past timeline with a certain ‘healing’ colour, as if they are healing the past with that colour as they revise their timeline. Healing with colour in this way is unguided and purely subjective. One person’s ‘healing green’ could be another person’s ‘jealousy green’. Personal interpretation has full reign in hypnotherapy, because it is based upon the unconscious mind’s interpretation of what that person needs. Though it is no so in Pranic energy healing.

Healing with Colour, Energetically

When I perform Pranic energy healing, the colours I use are very specific, each with its own allocated function. Some colours are anti inflammatory while others can inflame, for instance. Some are congestive while others dissipate the energy. It is a highly structured use of colour, depending upon the dis-ease, and the condition of the client.

In healing with colour, I will be guided by the issue to be resolved, and the client’s general state of health. For example, if someone has high blood pressure I will not use a colour which could exacerbate that condition by being too stimulating. Alternatively, if a client’s condition is due to a static disposition, such as poor circulation or fluid retention, I will want to use stimulating colour or decongesting colour to get things moving.

The interesting thing about the healing with colour in Pranic work is that the softer the colour, the more powerful it is. This took me a while to understand. Bold colours are simply too much to be absorbed by the receiving body, and will often bounce straight off. Using a tint of the colour however will penetrate into the affected area more successfully.

There are all sorts of routines in the application of colour – different colour combinations for cleaning the energy, and different colour combinations for adding the energy, according to the issue. Colour is also associated with different chakra centres, and certain health conditions are tied to those same centres. So, in summary, the colours I use will largely depend upon the colour of that ‘ruing’ centre, as well as the nature of the condition, as well as any precautions due to the client’s state of health. It is quite involved.

We do not use coloured lights or other physical devices in Pranic energy work, it is all done through concentration and the power of energetic focus, similar to reiki.

If you are interested in experiencing Pranic energy healing for any physical, mental or emotional condition, you can either book a dedicated session, or we can integrate it with our hypnotherapy work. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast