Whether you are at school, studying for uni, learning new policy or staying ahead in your field by acquainting yourself with industry developments, using hypnosis for study can be beneficial for you.

Things that affect study success

Study can be stressful and overwhelming, or it can be completely achievable, depending on certain factors. These factors depend upon your mindset, and things that affect your mindset. With your mindset specifically we look at:

  • Motivation: are you in the mood for study? Have you organised a timeslot to do so and have you made that commitment?
  • Focus: are you able to pay attention to the information without distraction? Are the words sinking in, or can you concentrate?
  • Recall: are you able to remember what you have studied, when you need to?
  • Beliefs: do you fear failure, or do you fear success? Do you lack confidence in your abilities?

Other factors that affect study include:

  • Stress: are you calm or are you panicking? If you are stressed, your ability to learn, retain and recall information will be sabotaged.
  • Nutrition: has your body got all of the nutrition it needs for a good, functioning mind? For example, low blood sugar will almost definitely blunt your efforts at concentration.
  • Hydration and : Yes, staying hydrated helps brain function. There area also certain supplements such as Brahmi which are proven to assist with memory.

There are many good, sound psychological tips to help you study better, and then there is hypnosis for that added advantage.

How using hypnosis for study works

Depending on what’s happening in your mind, I will firstly assist you to work though any stress that you have around the topic of study.


If you have an underlying belief that you are not worthy of success for example, I will help you to clear it, before moving onto the next steps. I will also assist you to resolve any anxiety that you may have that interferes with your capacity to learn, retain and recall information when you need it.

Anxiety triggers adrenaline in the mind and that directly opposes the act of learning and accepting information, because your fight or flight mechanism is activated. Some adrenaline is important and in fact it works with dopamine to increase motivation, but when you have anxiety, that adrenaline is way out of hand.

Direct Suggestion

Using direct suggestion hypnosis for study will always form part of the program. Here we explore the key problem(s) and provide your unconscious mind with positive suggestions. Hypnosis for study essentially rests upon your unconscious mind believing that it’s easy for you to learn this information and in fact that it is second nature. It is a if you have been training in this field since you wee a child and now you are an expert.

Specific suggestions with hypnosis for study might have you imagining that you are reciting the information that you know, to a friend. It might have you focus with the razor sharp attention of a cat, watching a hole in the wall and waiting for the mouse to appear. It might have you wandering through the passageways of Ancient Greece, amongst its great scholars, and participating in debate. It may be very clear and simple instruction that you retain and recall the information at will. It depends on several factors as to what the direct suggestions will be.


Your physiology is also extremely important in behaviour change. A physical change of state allows your nervous system to understand that things are different now. There are techniques I use to help your nervous system make this important observation, that you are no longer struggling, rather, that you have achieved your goal. These are typically neuro-linguistic programming techniques.

Hypnotherapy Noosa, hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast: So if you are ready to achieve your study goals, study smarter, learn faster and recall the information you need, when you need it, give hypnosis a go.