Are you sick of knowing the answer, but not being able to access it at the right time? Have you studied up on certain content only to go blank when you need it? Perhaps you are a student, or your work requires you to access facts quickly. There are several reasons why you may not be able to recall information.

Sometimes its a type of anxiety that interferes with the process. Other times its a belief that you’re just not good enough, or likewise you might have a fear of failure. Similarly it can be an ingrained value, possibly from your parents, that proving yourself academically is not important, because there are other ‘more important things for you to focus on’, according to them.

So if you’ve done the work, and there is nothing actually wrong with the workings of your brain, but it fails you and you cannot recall information when the time comes… it is likely that there is something going on under the surface to trip you up. A negative belief or a negative sensation such as anxiety are the most common causes here.

Dianne’s Inability to Recall Information

Dianne had great ambitions. She believed that she could change the world, at least amongst the troubled teenagers that she worked with. She had some innovative plans to set them straight and keep them from going off track. Her passion was heartfelt. She truly cared for these kids.

For Dianne to succeed she needed to obtain a higher level of qualification so that she would be accepted by the system, in order to then change the system. She had worked with teenagers for over 20 years and knew exactly how she needed to go about things. But her inability to recall information made it tough for Dianne to progress her plans. She need to recall information to make a strong case in her meetings with officials to get her program up and running. She needed to give talks to convince stakeholders of her value. She needed to pass exams to gain the qualifications necessary.

So what was stopping Dianne, who was so very driven, so very experienced, so very authentic in her pursuits and so very intelligent? Well Dianne was the only girl of five children. She was always expected to marry young and have kids of her own. And she did exactly that, but then she wanted to do more. She was self aware enough to know, logically, that her parents’ ideas about her own value, and what was best for her, were not gospel. But you know that you can ‘know’, and not really ‘know’ or believe it, inside, where it counts.

As a priority we explored Dianne’s inherited beliefs about her role in life, her worth and her potential. We did this with a regression session and we followed up with a technique I use to help people break habits. In effect, Dianne’s inability to recall information was an adverse response to her subconscious beliefs. The feeling she got when she failed to recall information was like anxiety, with an uncomfortable sensation in the throat, and so this had become a pattern – fail to get the answer, feel a sensation in the throat. By breaking this pattern we helped Dianne’s unconscious mind to let that response go.

Changing beliefs and erasing negative patterns is usually done over several sessions – three sessions is a good guide. Over these three sessions we did a lot around integrating the conscious and the unconscious mind so they are no longer at odds with each other, and that is essentially the key.

The more in-tune that these two parts of your mind are, the happier you are. That doesn’t mean that you have to start thinking in an unconscious way, that would be crazy! The unconscious is the land of dreams and nightmares, beliefs, feelings and urges. It’s more that you need to update your unconscious mind from its old patterns, while giving it the respect it deserves as the keeper of your emotions.

You have to learn to bring it on board, rather than ignoring it. You need to engage with it and show it how things could be. Think of your unconscious mind as the television station and your conscious mind as the TV. You simply need to change the programming. Well not always simple, but mostly successful the the aid of a good hypnotherapist. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast