Confidence underlies so many things in life, and if you feel that you are lacking in this resource, you might find that you are not experiencing the kind of personal success that you desire, whatever success means for you. Doing hypnotherapy for confidence issues can really raise your game, addressing how that confidence is sitting – how it got to this sorry state and how you are perpetuating that state.

What do you mean by ‘not confident’?

First up, how do you know you are not confidence? I know, it sounds like a trick question, but I’m making a point here. Most people can think of three things that they have done confidently in the past two months – whether it’s being a good parent, pet owner, driver, cook, worker, friend, gardener, you name it. These ‘exhibits’ provide evidence of confidence. So you might be a confident driver, confident friend to someone, confident dog owner and still you feel that you are not confident. So getting specific is really important. Otherwise you are just focussing on part of the picture, the negative part, and ignoring the positives. That, right there, is a choice. So you might be good at things that you don’t value, and that’s also important to recognise – that values come into play here. What do you value and how is your confidence in these areas? Again, drill it down so that you are specific.

OK so perhaps you are not confident in your skills at work? Great, that is something we can focus on in session with several targeted processes. But the key point here is that, although you may not be confident in some areas, it does not mean that you are not confident as a person, and telling yourself that you are not confident only hammers that false belief in deeper. It is in fact, untrue. So we do a lot of belief change work in hypnotherapy for confidence issues, because it is largely that belief itself that is making you feel not confident.

Do you know someone who is overly confident but you really don’t think they are that great? I have met several. I have worked with politicians and academics in the past and these industries are rife with exaggerated egos. Yet their belief is that they are confident, and they believe that they have reason to be so. Instead of looking at the things they can’t do very well, they focus on the things that they can, even when others disagree! It is a choice, right there.

Using hypnotherapy for confidence issues

I am not suggesting that you want to become a megalomaniac, but taking a balanced view is going to serve you a lot better than discounting all the positives in your life as simply unimportant.

Think about your best friend – what do they see in you? Imagine that you told them that you believed you were not good enough because you couldn’t perform those work skills as effectively as you’d like. What would they say? They might remind you of all of the things that you are good at. They might agree that your work skills need improvement but that it’s not a matter of not being good enough, rather it’s a matter of upskilling. They might disagree altogether and remind you of how you performed recently in a work project. The belief behind your low confidence is half of it. The other half is learning to acknowledge your strengths, building the skills you need, and recognising the process of improvement, rather than expecting immediate results.

You might say that you know that you are good at something, but you still don’t feel it. Hypnotherapy for confidence involves changing that underlying belief of not being good enough by revisiting the past and finding out when that belief first started. It also involves consciously attending to breaking that old pattern of thinking, and unconsciously accepting hypnotic suggestion – we do this in a variety of ways – towards the state of mind that you want.

If you are suffering from a not good enough belief with its low confidence, hypnotherapy for confidence issues can steer you back to your true state. After all we are all born with confidence, partly because we don’t have the awareness to worry about what anyone thinks or to self-criticise. Then, as we develop, and if we are not in a supportive environment either at home or school or perhaps later in life, that confidence starts to take a knock, if we don’t have anyone around to set us straight.

So now it’s your turn to set yourself straight, with a little help using hypnotherapy for confidence. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast.