I am really happy to announce that I will be operating from two new locations from this week! I am joining Elaya Natural Therapies in Coolum Beach (Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast) on a Thursday from September 23rd, and I am opening the doors to a new clinic in Tewantin from Monday September 27 (Hypnotherapy Noosa).

Elaya Natural Therapies is a multi disciplinary clinic in the heart of Coolum Beach, with parking out front or across the road in the Coles carpark in Birtwill Street. It’s a great place to come for a mental tune up and then grab a coffee or a swim or just a pleasant stroll along the boardwalk. It is a central spot and makes a great location for clients of hypnotherapy, Sunshine Coast.

My Tewantin clinic is peaceful and very relaxing. This location is close to the river and the Noosa Marina where you can stretch your ‘me time’ out a bit to take advantage of the cafes, shops and restaurants nearby. The Tewantin location makes my services accessible for clients of hypnotherapy, Noosa.

Hypnotherapy Noosa and Sunshine Coast – In a Nutshell

For anyone unsure of what it is that I do and how I can help you… I work with people generally aged 16+ to assist them in overcoming their psychological limitations to success, confidence and motivation, as well as achieving their goals for a healthy lifestyle.

Underlying anxiety/ depression is often at the root of such troubles, for example due to work pressure, which needs direct attention using a variety of techniques from neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis. Feeling not good enough to achieve is a very common example of a limiting belief where I can help.

In a few cases there is no underlying emotional trigger to the problem and so treatment is purely based upon building an aversion away from limiting behaviour, and an attraction towards desired behaviour, using the same techniques.

I have worked with school children to enhance their exam performance, people with a fear of failure or other low confidence issues, successful business people suffering high stress, health professionals wanting to quit smoking, academics wanting to overcome past trauma – all manner of people. I have a very high success rate.

Hypnosis and NLP in Brief

Hypnosis is something that we all do – it is a daydreaming state of mind where positive suggestion is more powerfully taken up. Neuro linguistic programming is an approach which uses the language of the unconscious mind – what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste – in order to make beneficial changes by altering the way we interpret something.

I’m always happy to chat and see if I can help