I had a very interesting client this week. He was a young man who was confused about his career and his home life. It wasn’t just one aspect of his life, but it felt more like his whole life was out of gear, and he was in need of finding direction. Ron’s first phone call to me was several months earlier. He knew someone who had a past life regression session and initially he thought that this might hold the answers for him too. Now, Ron was not your average ‘spiritual type’. He was a hard working miner with a young family. After a bit of discussion, I suggested that he look at the Inner Guidance service that I offer.

What is an Inner Guidance Session?

Inner Guidance work includes past life regression, but it also explores alternate paths that we might have taken in this life, or in other words, the ‘sliding door’ moments of our stories. It also considers events from this life which might be contributing to the present problem. In addition, the Inner Guidance sessions lead the client out to more esoteric spheres of existence, but all with a practical aim.

That might sound like a contradiction in terms, to be guided out to more esoteric realms, for practical purposes?? But here’s the thing. These esoteric realms allow for the greatest realisations. The practical aspect comes as we consider how to utilise this significant experience. These are the type of realisations which are often life changing. Sometimes those experiences need no interpretation, as they are truly meaningful on a personal level, but other times it is difficult to see the connection between such an experience, and the problem that the client came in to explore. In these cases, it is the guidance of yours truly, the therapist, which turns this abstract landscape into a focused thought.

The inner guidance sessions provide perspective, from the ‘known landscape’ of this lifetime, to the most fantastic spheres of existence. At the beginning, you might liken the esoteric realm to a dream that feels important, but whose meaning has eluded you. Then, during the session, with my guidance, that meaning become clear, quite unlike the dream scenario. Some clients don’t experience any esoteric spheres of existence, but gain all of their guidance from exploring ‘known’ experiences. There are no rules as clients usually get what they need from these sessions.

Inner Guidance sessions don’t just reveal perspective, they enable the client to experience perspective, and that’s a key difference. The more logical recollections, such as memories from childhood, or ‘visits’ from known friends and family, are powerful and significant in guiding the client to the answers that they seek, and so it was for Ron. But the esoteric experiences that Ron had allowed him to more fully understand and to feel what he needed to, in order for his life to make sense, rather than being unsatisfying and confusing. Then he was able to find his direction, with ‘how to’ guidance, with a little guidance from me.

This process allows the client to become their own ‘guru’, and to tune into what they know, deep inside, is right for them.

What does an Inner Guidance session offer, in practical terms?

As an example, in very practical terms, Ron discovered through this session that, in order to get his life back on track he needed to:

  • Get back to work on that old classic car
  • Compile all of his designs to produce a published book
  • Start that business as a sideline venture, not a full time career
  • Take more walks in nature
  • Simplify his life (and he was given details in how to do this).

What else does an Inner Guidance session offer?

In emotional terms, Ron received an immense spiritual gift of love which can only be felt to be understood. This was a healing which occurred within the session as he connected with something far greater than himself. Through the session, he discovered that :

  • He was able to let a past relationship go
  • He is with his soulmate now
  • He needs to worry less (and he was given the tools to do this)
  • He has all the love that he needs, and his role now is to pay that forward.

So you see that these sessions work on multiple levels, offering some very practical guidance, but also profound insight, which can only be experienced in order to be learnt.

Some good questions for these Inner Guidance Sessions are:

  • What is my purpose?
  • Why do I keep attracting the same types of relationships?
  • Is this the right person for me to spend the rest of my life with?
  • Is it in my best interests to relocate?
  • Why am I plagued with depression, and how can I heal?

Inner Guidance work is best suited to the BIG questions and issues. A more generic but very good question might be, ‘What do I need to focus on now to reach my highest potential?’ I almost never do past life regression sessions anymore because I find the Inner Guidance process far richer and more complete. If a client really wants a past life regression, it will come through in this process, so there is no missing out.

If you are in need of Inner Guidance, and have some big questions you’d like to resolve, become your own guru and take direction from your own infinite wisdom, with a little nudge from me 🙂