I see many clients who come with issues of feeling compromised. It’s either someone in the family, someone at work, a jealous friend, a controlling lover, it could be anyone at all. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to create protective boundaries to address this external stress.

Feeling compromised lowers self respect and self-worth and limits confidence. If a person is not free to honour their own choices or simply to be, without being put down, ignored or punished in some way, it’s time to install boundaries.

To critical minds, boundaries are simply imaginary devices. However, to those who employ these devices, they are life changers! A boundary is a device which can safeguard you from negativity from external sources, whether they be human or environmental.

People with toxic energy love to spread it around, like a hot potato. It makes them feel better, at your expense. Sometimes they are not offloading, rather they are just overpowering and controlling you – you know the type, and you don’t need it! Sometimes the external influence can be quite innocent, like a child who is overly demanding. Each of these types of external sources can be managed, in most cases, with the appropriate boundaries.

How does a boundary work?

In hypnosis, a boundary is a mental design where you have carefully tweaked all of its features, to prevent a negative impact from outside. It is then tested against the external threat to make sure it holds strong.

Hypnotherapy is the ideal tool to create boundaries, allowing your unconscious mind to lead and perfect the design. This ensures an authentic outcome for your specific needs.

By holding this boundary firmly in mind, it changes the way you feel about yourself. Creating a boundary is a declaration of self-love and self-worth. In creating a boundary you are stating very clearly that you are too valuable to be treated this way, and that you will not accept this behaviour/energy from others, or from the environment. It is a protective device.

Recent client example

One example of a boundary is from a recent client who described himself as sensitive and easily influenced by others’ energy. He is a caring and ethical man and has felt rejected and ill treated in the past. These experiences had caused him to close up. In hypnosis, he developed the image of a beautiful sunflower opening up in front of his face.

When we tested the boundary he was very satisfied with the results because the glorious yellow colour of the petals were phenomenally uplifting; the flower was majestic and tall, making him feel tall; and the flower blocked his view of other people and environments as it opened. He decided that the flower was with him always but would only open when he felt threatened by negative elements around him.

By being clear in your mind about how your boundary works, you shift your own energy. You then start to notice that this shift in energy affects your own behaviour.

In many cases, this also affects the behaviour of others as they notice that there seems to be something different about you, but they can’t work out what, exactly. The right boundary is one which emanates from your unconscious mind, because at this level will you fully understand what you need, exactly, to keep your energy in tact.

My own personal example

I developed a boundary recently for a negative family member where I created a high wall around my home, with gates and a guard and an intercom. Any time I received a phone call or I met with this family member the gates were locked and they could only speak to me through the intercom.

If they were behaving themselves I would open the gates but the guard would accompany them. If they were not behaving, I would only communicate through the intercom. This affected the way I communicated with them, towards them. They sensed this distance and their communication changed towards me.

On some of the more aggravated occasions I simply signed off, using the intercom, as if I had something on the stove. This way I held no resentment from the exchange but treated them like an annoying door-to-door salesperson. This relationship improved over time, because the rules had changed.

Your mindset can help you in so many ways. Do you need assistance?