Irrational Fears. Fears and phobias are some of the more common reasons why people choose to see a hypnotherapist. These fears can range from the fear of small spaces (claustrophobia), through to fear of vomiting (emetophobia), or even fear of death (thanatophobia).

A person could create an irrational fear out of absolutely anything – it is limitless. It all has to do with events or situations which have impacted you emotionally where your unconscious mind has made an observation and defined a cause and effect type of program. When ‘this’ happens I feel ‘that’. From then on, when a certain thing happens, such as finding yourself in a confined space, a programmed reaction takes place.

In hypnotherapy we can address irrational fears in various ways, depending on the client, and the cause. Quite often I will use timeline therapy to find out what the original events were, and then we can work at resolving your response to that event, and reprogramming the unconscious mind to respond differently.

Irrational fears can really limit your sense of freedom and fun. Imagine a young mum with a fear of vomiting, and with a baby who, typically, vomits from time to time. In this case I have also used metaphor in hypnosis to ‘unstick’ the unconscious fear by exploring useful perspectives. Through metaphor, the unconscious begins to change its view. In this case, mother bird regurgitates in order to feed her chicks the predigested food. Without this act of vomiting, the chicks would die.

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