We have all heard of the Law of Attraction by now. But what is it really, and how does it feature in the context of hypnotherapy? The Law of Attraction is about attracting to us, what we resonate with. For us to resonate with something, it means that on a subconscious level, that thing is considered ‘normal’ as opposed to far-fetched, or ‘slim chance’ kind of luck. The Law of Attraction also works in the opposite way, where we attract negative situations to us because on some level, we expect that.

My family and friends know about my ‘hobby’ of moving house. It began with a strong desire to leave the family home when I was a teenager. My household was very strict. Moving house has caused me a lot of instability over the decades. During my marriage that compulsion went away, but then it returned, just like old times, after the divorce. This old compulsion to escape was a hard one to beat. Eventually I managed to reframe that urge, after five interstate relocations, one overseas move and many local departures.

I still get the urge however, as if it were an addiction, but now I have rules around moving – I will only move if I can yield benefit out of it which outweigh the losses of time, money, friendships, opportunities and convenience. Now moving has become a prosperous event, some may even say a strategic event. Now I’m winning. I even heard a rumour about myself from an old neighbour when a real estate agent told her that I was quite a savvy investor. I had to laugh because even though I have been winning for a while now, I had lost so many precious resources, until I changed the game. While my past experiences are still part of me, I have transformed them into opportunity.

Before I reframed my house moving compulsion, I had encountered problems with the places I occupied, seemingly forcing me to go. There were ice addict neighbours who were constantly trying to break into the houses and cars in the street; a giant tree which hosted a problematic colony of bats over my roof; vandals and arson upon my property; black mould causing illness; screamingly noisy neighbours impacting my therapy practice; delinquent teenagers burning cigarette holes into my underwear on the washing line, and other horrors.

But even when things were tolerable, I still found good reasons to move. It was my normal, and because it was my normal, I attracted it to me. This was Law of Attraction, in motion. Subconsciously I chose places with problems, and if those problems were not there when I moved in, it was not long before they found me

Likewise, you see people who are inherently lucky. They were probably lucky through their lives. One such example is a hideous man I worked for. Even when he was not present at work on the day of the Melbourne Cup horse race, he would still win the office sweepstakes. Apparently, this happened every year. He expected to win. He was educated in a premium boarding school where he was taught that he was better than everyone else, and that he could use and abuse others whom he considered to be of less worth, as he desired, because he was superior. He believed the myth, and life reflected his reality.

This man was nurtured in extravagance and opportunity since the day he was born. That is not to say that he has not been forced to confront a few difficult truths along the way. Whether or not a person like this will learn and grow is a personal choice as well as a moral issue, which is outside the scope of this discussion.

If you have a conscience, you may find this kind of luck to be more of a handicap, or even distasteful. However, it is precisely this guilt at the thought of receiving that creates further blockages for many people, because they are so used to struggling and have often experienced the negligence of those who are perpetually winning. The good news is that you can make new and better realities, without becoming another of society’s predators. One healthy apple tree in the orchard does not stop the others from becoming healthy as well. Guilt has no place in creating success, whatever success means for you.

Using the Law of Attraction to your benefit is exactly what your imagination is meant for, and so with hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, you can transform the past and clear the way for change, or for a new and better sense of familiarity. Now your Law of Attraction will yield different results because this familiarity is your new normal. For example, if you have been struggling financially for so long you can no longer remember what it is like to pay a bill without fear, your goal would be to create a feeling of familiarity with ease around money. That does not mean being silly about it and losing it all on a new car. It means focusing on the feeling of being comfortable.

You might decide to consult a qualified hypnotherapist to assist you in really connecting with your subconscious mind so that you can actually believe what you are creating. Without conviction, Law of Attraction will not work, you will only keep reverting back to your old truth.

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