When we are experiencing acute stress, such as with moving house or going through a difficult separation, hypnotherapy techniques can literally save the day. The top five most stressful experiences we could encounter are identified as:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Moving
  • Major illness or injury
  • Job loss

The most important thing to do in managing a crisis is to accept the situation, acknowledging what you can and cannot do, and what you are and are not responsible for. Once you reach acceptance, you can begin to work with the issue.

There are hypnotherapy techniques which can really help you in managing a crisis. Some of these revolve around:

  • Releasing tension
  • Protecting your own energy
  • Organising your sense of time in order to cope better

You can imagine how moving house could create a lot of stress, negotiating large sums of money when buying and selling; time management with packing, connecting and disconnecting services and insurances; physical and mental exhaustion with moving; and then settling into your new environment while releasing the past and saying goodbye to the last chapter of your life.

Making stress tangible

One of the ways we can release tension is to make that stress tangible – something we can see – and then to monitor it as we release it, bit by bit. There are specific techniques which perform this way.

Instilling a mental boundary

Another way we can protect our own energy is through the use of a mental boundary. For example, I had a client who was going through a messy divorce. Her partner was suicidal and this made her feel guilty for wanting out of the marriage, even though she felt completely discounted by her her partner, and had felt this way for many years. He had resisted accepting help. She could not help him. He completely ignored her. She was suffering.

We worked on creating a boundary that would assist her to retain her energy, despite his moods and his treatment of her. We accessed her unconscious mind and created a beautiful golden Buddha which would appear, in her mind’s eye, floating between the couple. This instilled within her a feeling of peace, rather than anxiety and guilt. The effect of using this boundary was to pacify her and to retain her energy. The spin off effects from this were to create a different response from her spouse which made cohabitation bearable until the split would take place.

Reorganising time

Practical attention to the necessary steps and details is essential in managing any crisis, but often the stress of the moment turns everything upside down and disables clear thought. In hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, the use of timelines can be very useful in reorienting your sense of time.

Once your sense of time is better organised, you can plan, set goals and achieve tasks more easily, with clearer focus and without the confusion. Reorganising timelines ensures that there is nothing in your way, on an unconscious level, and that the present is active, rather than passive, and that the future has a magnetic appeal.

These are just a few approaches which can help you in managing a crisis of varying kinds. Find out more…