Motion sickness is nauseous feeling that can take place when a person is traveling. It can be felt while traveling on a boat, in a car, on a plane or other vehicle where the body is still, but there is movement happening.

Psychologists say that motion sickness is a physical reaction and is not emotionally caused. I would agree with that to a large extent, except that I have found with motion sickness clients, that there is an emotional component to it. That emotional component can be a feeling of loss of control or embarrassment for example, that accompanies the physical response. Anxiety also then comes into play as the person anticipates the onset of the sickness.

What is the physical reason for motion sickness?

In motion sickness, doctors say that it is a sensitivity in the inner ear that is to blame. This sensitivity is responsible for interrupting a person’s sense of balance, as the eyes relay information of movement to the brain, while the body is still, causing a confusing mismatch for the brain. This sickness affects up to 25 per cent of the population, in varying degrees . Women are said to be more susceptible that men, and children more susceptible than adults.

Can hypnotherapy help to overcome it?

The usual answer to this type of sickness is to take motion sickness drugs. There are other devices you can use also, such as specialised wrist bands or herbal products. Hypnotherapy however works with the mind, to help to get the message through that the nauseous feeling is not necessary, that it is wrong, because there is a perfectly good explanation as to why the body is still, while in motion.

I have used hypnotherapy on several clients over the years to combat motion sickness and it has been successful in each case to greatly reduce the sensation of nausea. I found that performing an age regression back to the first time of the motion sickness has been a very effective approach, to then convince the unconscious mind that the person actually handled the event better than they actually did. This approach allows the mind to let go of the pattern of feeling sick while travelling. There are other techniques that I use also.

When the compounded feelings of anxiety and so forth are also dealt with, the person can usually manage the symptoms much better. A combination of hypnosis and physical aids may be necessary for some people.

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