Learn tools for developing authentic confidence with the My Confident Mind workshop. Change your mindset, transform your world!

1/2 Day Workshop, Sunday June 2, Buderim

About This Event

Are you tired of hiding, while others shine? Have you almost given up on following your dreams because you simply don’t believe that you have what it takes? My Confident Mind workshop can change all of that!

Did you know that confidence does not need to be earned? That’s right. Have you noticed that most children, raised in healthy environments, are naturally confident? Then we grow and we begin to compare ourselves with others. Or, someone tells us we’re no good. Or, something happens and we misunderstand the event and make assumptions. And that’s is how unhelpful beliefs are formed.

But the good news is that it is never too late to ditch those unhelpful beliefs and leave them in the past, where they belong. So what happened with you? It’s different for everyone but whatever it was, it’s time to move forward now.

This My Confident Mind 1/2 day workshop is an introduction to your confident self, your confident life. It is about authentic confidence – not bravado or ego. It is about establishing a sense of control over your own life, and a sense of ease.

Your new self image is a two part strategy – it starts on the inside before obvious changes can appear on the outside. You can enable your new self image with an important set of tools which you will learn at this workshop. With practice, they will transform your world!

Some of these devices involve emotional, sensory and physiological techniques which are very easy to learn. You will also experience a confidence-based hypnosis during this session.

This My Confident Mind workshop is not therapy. This is a workshop of life skills for you to use on yourself, for self development, based upon hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. These skills are taught and practiced in a small, friendly group setting. Handouts will be provided.

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