Learn simple, life-changing tools to manage stress, anxiety, panic and related disorders with the My Stress-Less Mind workshop. Change your mindset, transform your world !

1/2 Day workshop, Sunday June 16, Buderim

Are you a stress head? Do you fill your mind with negative thoughts which only serve to waste energy and distract you from your true purpose? Do you find yourself worrying needlessly or excessively? Does the outside world get under your skin, making you feel defenceless? Have you become overly sensitive to things which you could once tolerate? The My Stress-Less Mind workshop can change it all!

If you have answered yes to some of these, then you have lost control over your own life. Would you like to get that control back? Whatever label you place on it – stress, anxiety, panic, social phobia – to name a few, it is not helping.

Managing stress/anxiety is a three part process:

1 – Look it in the eye (instead of fearing the stress/anxiety, or pretending it isn’t happening)

2 – Change your response (using targeted techniques that are simple and take only a few minutes)

3 – Consolidate your new approach (recap on the event and the way you dealt with it)

This 1/2 day workshop, provides you with simple yet effective tools for you to overcome that old familiar enemy – stress/anxiety, instead of being overcome. It allows you to take back control. We will explore ways to deal with negative self-talk and panic attacks, while gently disengaging you from your identity as a stress head. \

It is easy work, but it takes a consistent approach for it to become a natural response, because much of that stress response is patterned into you by now. Using these simple techniques you can retrain your unconscious mind to respond differently from now on. You will also experience a hypnosis session during this workshop focused on stress reduction.

This workshop is not therapy. This is a workshop of life skills for you to use on yourself, for self development, based upon hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. These skills are taught and practiced in a small, friendly group setting. Handouts will be provided. If you are questioning your mental capacity to stay safe, please see your GP immediately.

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