I usually have face-to-face clients because they prefer it that way. But then, they have not tried online hypnotherapy. True, there are one or two neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques I will not attempt online, but otherwise, all other processes I would do with a client face-to-face, I do in online hypnotherapy and NLP. And it works. So I practice online and face-to-face.

Why Do Many Clients Prefer Online?

Clients are regularly amazed of how effective these sessions are, but when you think about it, it is a psychological therapy where the mind is the focus. It is not like trying to fix a busted knee. Hypnotherapy and NLP are about engaging the conscious and unconscious minds. Think of it as a daydream state. When you are absorbed in the process, does it matter if you are sitting in my clinic or on your comfy lounge? Becoming absorbed requires you to simply listen, and engage, and quite often people feel more comfortable in familiar environment, and this allows them to engage more deeply.

Technically, clear communication and reliable, yet simple, communication tools are what enable online hypnotherapy and NLP to work for you. The rest is up to me. My skills are reliable online or face-to-face.

Some clients also say that they actually prefer online hypnotherapy because:

  • They don’t need to stress about travelling to a new place
  • They save time and can work the appointment around other obligations
  • They can relax in their own surroundings – this is especially important with anxiety clients

I have had several clients book a three session package and opt for online for sessions two and/or three. In each case, the client preferred the online session. Taking the sessions online became very convenient for them, and because we had already had one face-to-face they were not left wondering if they were missing out on something by going online. In their own evaluation, it was the same quality of service.

When Does Online Hypnotherapy Fail?

Online hypnotherapy may not work as well for clients who cannot control their level of focus, at home, for example with young children who will interrupt the session. Another issue is the reliability of their computer equipment. This has only ever been an issue twice, in my experience. In one case there was a violent storm brewing in the client’s environment. In another case the client’s headphones were new and not functioning correctly. She simply ended up taking them off. Once the session failed because there were other family members around who did not enable the client enough privacy and made too much noise.

How Does an Online Session Work?

In making an online booking:

  • We speak on the phone before securing the booking, as with all my clients
  • I email you some forms to fill out, prior to our session
  • You connect with me on Skype, wave hello, so I can wave back and we establish a connection
  • I call you at the scheduled time, via Skype
  • You have set yourself up on a couch or similar (somewhere so comfortable you could fall asleep)
  • You have your phone or laptop nearby so that I can see you and hear you, and vice versa – I only need to see your head
  • We process payment details
  • We begin the session
  • When we’re done, we simply hang up
  • I will email you any information, if relevant
  • I will email you a hypnosis recording, if relevant

If you would like a hypnotherapy session but are limited by location, time, capacity or you would just prefer to go online, I can help. If you have any questions about hypnotherapy or online hypnosis specifically, just give me a call or drop me a line. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast.