Rejection is a feeling most of us have experienced at some stage, which serves to limit our ambition and our sense of self-worth. The rejection experienced in childhood is particularly powerful at setting up this type of ‘I’m not worthy’ syndrome. Even if you believe you have dealt with childhood rejection by rationalising – chances are, it still forms a program in your unconscious mind and every time you don’t succeed in adult life, it strengthens that program. All this does is limit CONFIDENCE and enjoyment in life. The good news is that hypnotherapy can dive in and sort out those programs!

Rejection programs, or programs of low self-worth, can begin at any age, but childhood is particularly significant because you learn most of your programs then, when your mind is more impressionable and less rational. Emotional reactions at this age are powerful. In some instances you can learn rejection and low self worth from others, such as a parent. Later on in life, if you have not resolved the deep seeded experiences which triggered your rejection/low self worth program, you may selectively focus on the things that don’t work, compared to the things in your life which do work, because this program is running in the background.

The more you confirm the program to be true, the more challenging it becomes to wipe that program for one which actually serves you. But you can do it. You just need to be able to ‘speak’ to your unconscious mind and send it an update. Think of the unconscious as the radio station, and your mind as the songs it hears. Isn’t it time to ‘change stations’ and get some confidence back?

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