When we think of past life regression, we might ask – are past lives real? In which case you might want to look at a previous post. Next, after we have considered the variables and have come to some kind of stance on the matter, we might ask, how can a past life regression help? And a real doozy would then follow: Can a past life regression help even if I don’t believe in them?

Okay, there are two main reasons why anyone would want a past life regression: a) curiosity, and b) as a healing pathway, to understand and resolve the patterns of behaviour or the sensory experiences they are currently afflicted by.

Let’s assume that you decide to believe in past lives, the information revealed can help to update your unconscious mind as to the reason behind your affliction, because it stems from a previous lifetime and the echo of that life remains active. By updating your unconscious mind through the process, it can let that unresolved pattern go. If you decide that you don’t believe in past lives, you might view the experience as an expression of your unconscious mind, a metaphor, as your unconscious attempts to work things out and to make meaning out of your affliction, allowing it to resolve things in its own, special way.

Carl’s Past Life Regression On Fear of Death

Carl believe in past lives with around 80 per cent certainty. He retains some reservations. In either case, he also understands the power of the unconscious mind to resolve long-standing issues through the imagination and the use of metaphor. He came in to see me because he had trouble accepting the death of his parents. It had been five years since his mother passed and one year since his father joined her in the great beyond. He described his feelings as shock, being stuck in grief, even though he himself believed strongly in the afterlife.

Through Carl’s regression we went back to a time when he was a gypsy, in Hungary. He was a female and he read the crystal ball. S/he was a very down to earth person with a strong self belief, and s/he accepted themselves as someone who did not enjoy a typical family life. S/he existed on the outskirts of community, delivering the messages that s/he saw when scrying the crystal ball.

One of his/her customers was a nobleman, and s/he had delivered some bad news about the nobleman’s family, foreseeing death. The nobleman was highly perturbed by this news and reacted defensively and egotistically. He even thought that the gypsy might be deliberately trying to upset him, because he simply refused to accept the news. The gypsy, however, was only telling what she saw, without any personal agenda. And so the nobleman arranged to have the gypsy poisoned, sending someone else to do it.

Getting to the Problem

As we jumped forward to the time of the gypsy’s death, Carl said he was in shock that someone would poison him/her, as s/he witnessed his/her body lying lifeless on the ground. S/he was shocked that the miraculous gifts s/he had shared with the world would have led to his/her own murder.

During this phase of the regression I asked Carl’s former gypsy to understand that her life would continue, but not in the same form, and I asked her for advice to give to Carl. Through this process, Carl’s inner gypsy agreed that she could now move on, and accept what had taken place. There was a lot of Q&A with the gypsy and Carl at this stage.

I asked Carl if this shock that he had experienced, witnessing his former body on the ground, was the same feeling he held for his parents deaths, and he said yes. After the regression, Carl said he felt much lighter. A few weeks later, he emailed me to let me know that he had stopped grieving.

A past life regression can work just as effectively if the client does not believe in past lives, and this is because the metaphor provides the meaning, in a highly individualised and specific way. This meaning affects the associated emotions and can really shift a person’s attitude and beliefs, because the unconscious mind perceives it as real.

If you have a long standing pattern you would like to resolve, or, if you are simply curious about past lives, we can help. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast