Sometimes clients come in for a past life regression, and other times it just happens spontaneously, through a Timeline process. I often perform Timeline in order to go to the beginning of a problem. When I do a Timeline regression, I never know where my client will gravitate back to.

Past Life Culture

When I lived in Byron Bay, New South Wales, almost everyone experienced a past life regression during Timeline. On the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, it happens perhaps two per cent of the time. This is interesting. Is it because people in Byron Bay are more spiritually advanced than the people on the Coast? I don’t think so.

Byron Bay’s culture is a new age culture. People often move to Byron for that reason. It is the place to be if you want to ‘find yourself’ and all that rhetoric. I’m not knocking it. I have done my fair share of that. But after a while you realise that where you are is where you always were. Changes happen on the inside – you don’t need move to a new age community to discover yourself. Though sometimes a physical change of environment is a great catalyst, I agree.

The point is that in Byron Bay, my clients were already geared towards the ideology of past lives. On the Sunshine Coast, there is less of that expectation.

Does It Matter?

If someone believes in past life, then their subconscious mind will likely go to OR create a past life in order to answer my promptings for information. If someone does not believe in or think a lot about past life issues, it means that their unconscious mind is less likely to use a past life as a source OR a metaphor for the problem.

Whether the past life is real of not, is irrelevant in this case, and that is because what matters is the way that the unconscious mind sees things. It is the unconscious mind that we need to communicate with. If we perform a regression and connect with a past life identity that can help us out of the problem, well and good. That doesn’t mean that the identity needs to be factual. (Though there are many cases now where past lives have been documented and validated.) So, it does not matter if a past life experience graces my clinic, or not, or whether or not that past life is factual.

Kevin’s Past Life Experience

Kevin wanted to resolve a feeling of lack of motivation. behind that feeling was a fear of judgement. Essentially, Kevin felt judged every time he produced a new work project, and so his lack of motivation was helping him, to avert stress by stopping him from doing the work.

When we began the regression, we found several instances in his current life that illustrated this fear of judgement. I could have stopped there, but I followed my instincts and kept pushing Kevin further back until he travelled right back to an ancient time where he was a powerful man who abused that power. He wrongfully cast judgement on hundreds of people, causing suffering and death. He did it for power and greed.

When he realised this, through the regression, we were able to psychologically address this wrongdoing and this guilt. Then Kevin came through feeling clear and ready to get to work. Whether thew story was true or not, doesn’t matter, although his recollection of that old life was vivid and detailed – the unconscious mind is a powerful thing!

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