People usually look to hypnotherapy as a way of resolving problems – quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weigh, beat anxiety, drop depression, resolve trauma, lose phobias et cetera. But every now and then I get a client who simply wants to be more than they already are. They want to be more present, more loving, more effective, more focused, more of who they already are. Daniel is one such client who wanted to try hypnotherapy for personal development.

Daniel’s Personal Development Goals

Growing up in a traditional Australian family where emotions were not often expressed amongst the males, Daniel wanted to develop his emotional presence, his capacity to give and to receive love. He also wanted to create more abundance in his life and drop that fear of failure that can hold us back from exploring our higher goals. Daniel wanted to be OK with things not working out, understanding that there is no such thing as failure if you can learn from your mistakes. He wanted the motivation to try anyway, as a means to exploring more options for self-fulfilment.

Daniel could not relate to some of the usual beliefs that can create a fear of failure, such as a feeling of not being good enough; nor did he ever experience the kind of trauma, such as child abuse, that can create this belief. Daniel’s limitations were simply the result of watching his parents and learning through observation. Breaking these patterns involves presenting the unconscious mind with better alternatives so that it can make a better choice. After all, how can we know what we don’t know?

I guided Daniel through a regression where I familiarised his unconscious mind with a sense of freedom. This freedom would then encourage his exploration into more rewarding ways of being. Taking the fear of failure out of the equation allows this to happen. To Daniel’s surprise he became quite emotional about some information which presented, through that regression. The information itself was nothing noteworthy by any ‘trauma standards’, but it reflected his own self-limitation. Resolving that opened the way for stronger personal development.

Your Personal Development Goals

In assisting you to meet your own personal goals, I start with helping you to work out what the block is. Even if, like Daniel, you feel that you’ve been lucky in life with nothing much to complain about, there is still going to be a limitation that holds you back from realising your goals. Otherwise you wouldn’t have any need to pursue personal development. You would already be there. Makes sense?

In hypnotherapy it is useful to be able to identify the problem, and work from there. Perhaps you would like to become more intuitive? Perhaps you want o explore your creativity? Perhaps you want to become a better parent, or partner, or friend? Perhaps you want to focus on self-education and want some assistance getting your focus and concentration into peak performance? Maybe you want a career change to explore new talents? Whatever your personal development goals, hypnotherapy can help. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast