Psychic activity is an interesting thing. No, I’m not talking about The Exorcist. I’m talking about energies beyond our understanding that tell us that we are more powerful than we realise; or that there are other energies out there that most of us cannot see.

Jung and Freud on Psychic Activity

In the first instance of psychic activity, stemming from our own minds, there is a classic story from last Century between psychologists Jung and Freud over precognition and parapsychology. When Jung and Freud argued over this issue, their heated debate actually created explosions from the bookcase inside Freud’s study where the two men were situated. The event took place in Vienna, at Freud’s house in 1909. Psychology Today recounts the story from Jung’s perspective:

While Freud was going on in this way, I had a curious sensation. It was as if my diaphragm were made of iron and was becoming red-hot – a glowing vault. And at that moment there was such a loud report in the bookcase, which stood right next to us, that we both started up in alarm, fearing the thing was going to topple over on us. I said to Freud: “There is an example of a so-called catalytic exteriorisation phenomenon.”

“Oh come,” he exclaimed. “That is sheer bosh.”

“It is not,” I replied. “You are mistaken, Herr Professor. And to prove my point I now predict that there will be another loud report!” Sure enough, no sooner had I said the words than the same detonation went off in the bookcase.

Some Weird Stuff I’ve Seen

Why am I telling you this? Because things happen in my clinic too. Sometimes it is stemming from the client’s own unconscious mind (I think but cannot be sure), and other times it is coming from somewhere else. During a session I have witnessed bright lights enter the room while my client is in trance. I have interpreted this as spiritual helpers participating in the session. One particular client I recall was wanting to resolve long-held trauma.

Other times I have literally seen black smoke coming out of someone’s mouth while she was in trance. This client was trying to quit alcohol. When she first came to see me I could barely look at her. The energy behind her eyes was actually scary. The next time I saw her she looked completely different, lighter. It was as if there had been some dark matter attached to her mind, that released itself during that first session. Keep in mind my sessions are fairly clinical. I do not taka a spiritual approach to my hypnosis sessions, despite the fact that I am a spiritually oriented person.

Mark’s Psychic Activity

Mark was a farmer from western Queensland. He was the sort of bloke that I would not assume to be interested in psychic activity or the paranormal, and he wasn’t. Except that six weeks earlier his best friend committed suicide. He came in to quit smoking. He mentioned that he had been smoking more since his friend’s suicide. In Chinese medicine, smoking is actually prescribed as a cure for sadness, so I decided it was a good strategy to help Mark resolve his grief in the name of quitting smoking.

While we were talking about his friend’s suicide, the television turned itself on, loud. It was unexpected. Then I remembered that a medium once told me that spirits can communicate through electricity, flickering lights and apparently, televisions! Now I have also read that televisions can turn themselves on under certain technical conditions, but nothing had changed with this television set, and this was the first time it had happened.

At Mark’s second session we discussed the television incident and Mark told me he believed that his friend was there with him, and that his friend was trying to connect. We did a bit more work on Mark’s grief. A few days after Mark left our second session, the television turned itself on again while I was taking an afternoon nap, and it woke me up. When we sleep, our unconscious mind is free to roam, unrestricted by its commander, the conscious mind. I can only guess that Mark’s friend was still there, in my living room, needing some help and aiming to connect with me while my unconscious was free. But unfortunately there was little I could do. I found myself speaking to him, advising him to check in on his family and to simply be patient.

After a Suicide

The medium I had seen told me that when a person commits suicide, that person has to wait around until their allotted time, that time when they were predestined to pass over. I was also told that time, for them, travels much faster, which is a relief. I would hate to think of Mark’s friend having to wait around for 30 earth years or so. The saddest part is of course that, if all of this is true, this man had taken his own life due to the emotional pain of living, expecting that pain to stop. Instead he is continuing on in pain, at least until his time comes up, and cannot communicate to all of the people he left behind.

The television was well behaved after that second occurrence so I can only guess that Mark’s friend moved on from my place, figuring that his time was better spent with his loved ones.

Rest assured that psychic activity usually DOES NOT happen in my clinic, but whether the television incident was a product of my client’s unconscious mind, or a visitation from beyond, or an electrical glitch in the TV, it certainly sparked some philosophical debate inside my own mind. If you need help with grief, quitting smoking or anything else that is psychologically caused, we can help. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast