There are those couples who just work, and who make each other feel supported. Then there are those people who are happy on their own while they wait for the right person, or not. And there are others who seem to always need to be in a relationship, and cannot be alone for any length of time. They are often found relationship hopping, from one partner to the next.

Relationship hopping is usually a sign of insecurity and of feeling unsettled within oneself. Imagine if you felt grounded and settled, would you need to jump from one partner to the next? Sure, most people want a relationship. They want to feel loved and supported. They want the intimacy and to feel understood, and that is normal fore the human species. But there is a difference between wanting those things and not being able to be single for any length of time, instead rushing into the next relationship as a band aid for the dire alternative of being alone.

Roger’s Relationship Hopping

Roger was a good looking guy. He was a fit, middle-aged, successful businessman with an interesting life, dotted with travel. He had been married for more than 20 years, but then divorced. Since then he had become a relationship hopper, forever seeking a new level of stability with a new partner. But in effect, Roger was creating great instability through his approach with this quest because when one didn’t work out, he’d be straight onto the next. After a while, this relationship hopping became a new pattern.

The thing about Roger is that he was not a superficial man. He was not simply seeking pleasure through new intimate experiences. He was in fact seeking a partner, but found it difficult to meet the right person. And he expressed a need to be with someone, the idea of being alone, uncomfortable.

Through our work together he realised that he was seeking company, but that it was not necessarily for it to come from a romantic partner. He also identified an instability within himself, and so that is what we focused upon through a range of NLP and hypnotic techniques.

Aside from the hypnotherapy we did, I gave Roger some grounding exercises to help him feel more centred within himself. This comes more under the banner of the pranic energy healing that I do, as opposed to hypnotherapy. At the end of our three sessions together, Roger told me that he no longer felt the urge to hop straight into another relationship.

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