Mostly clients with a stressful experience will book in for hypnotherapy to heal the past, after the fact. But when stress is current, or ongoing, it becomes a matter of managing the emotional assaults as they arise, as well as building resilience. Releasing stress is the key, and there is a very simple technique that can make a huge difference until that client can obtain the guided help that they need.

Stress weakens the immune system, quite clearly, and when stress is happening, you will feel weakened because of it. You may be tired all the time and find it difficult to enjoy deep sleep, so you can never really get back to ‘normal’. In fact, when stress is current, or ongoing, it puts you in the position of the ‘one volt hamster’.

The one volt hamster

The one volt hamster is an analogy for energy depletion. Imagine a hamster who runs on a 1000 volt battery. S/he may use 500 volts on stressing about current problems, or experiencing current trauma; perhaps 300 volts dealing with a health issue, most likely brought about by all this ongoing stress; 199 volts on getting all the essential things done – work, looking after a family, attending to domestic duties (which would barely cover all these demands so essentially, they are already failing at these things); and then ends up with one measly volt for themselves, to have in reserve.

The one volt hamster has lost their qi, their mojo, their life force. When stress is ongoing, most of us will become the one volt hamster because we don’t know how to release toxic sensations. It is never more important to release toxicity as when it occurs, rater than afterwards.

Releasing vs Resolving Stress

Releasing stress does not mean that you are resolving the cause of it – that takes much more grunt. Resolution takes action, planning and change. In many cases, resolution is possible when you have eliminated the internal blocks holding you back from improving your life. In other cases, resolution is dependent on external circumstances, which may not change for a while. In such a case, releasing stress is even more important so you can at least manage the situation without going under.

How to Go About Releasing Stress

This releasing stress technique relies on connecting with the way your unconscious mind perceives it, through feeling, and then turning into something tangible before letting it go.

  • 1. Identify the feeling of stress.
  • 2. Identify where it is centred in the body, or where it starts – head, chest, stomach etc?
  • 3. Turn that sensation into a coloured mist and observe the colour and how much mist there is? Is it a thin layer, is it thick and billowing etc.
  • 4. Place an open window just on top of that sensation/coloured mist – it is a one-way window so that anything that goes out, cannot come back in.
  • 5. On the outbreath, release that sensation out the window. It may take a few outbreaths before it is all gone
  • 6. Monitor how that feels. Repeat as often as needed.

If you engage with the process and you really allow yourself to feel through it, you will be able to release that stress. It doesn’t matter how often you do this – whenever you notice stress, just let it go. This process will bring you back to a clean state from where you can gain more ground, more energy to be more effective in your life. But if you need targeted assistance with changing this state, there are many other processes, along with hypnotherapy, that can help. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Noosa.