Insomnia is one of those complex issues because the cause can be so varied. It can be psychological, digestive, hormonal, medical, or many other reasons. Rest assured however, pun intended, that by resolving psychological issues, you can only help to resolve insomnia, even if that is not the whole story.

As a person who has suffered a severe poisoning, several years ago now, which altered the way that I process foods and chemicals, I know that the psychological component is not the whole story for some people. However, it is the main story for most, and even with those of us who have other physical causes fuelling our wakefulness, working with the mind still makes a massive difference, not matter the cause.

The caveat of course to this is that you need to give it a proper go. You need to accept the help offered and to submit yourself to the process, even if you don’t think it will work for you because you have tried, so many times before.

Filing Cabinet of your Mind

If you think of your mind as a filing cabinet with separate drawers, you might begin to understand how your unconscious mind works with storing uncomfortable memories and emotions. Imagine that this filing cabinet has a classified drawer, one which you are not allowed to open, with you conscious mind.

In this drawer could be old memories, fears, confronting truths, et cetera. It is one of those drawers which contains some serious material. Sometimes your unconscious mind dips into this drawer to create nightmares, or periods of anxiety or depression. Other times this material just simmers away, causing you a vague sense of unrest.

By working with the unconscious, we can empty that drawer and eliminate that underlying feeling of unrest. That scenario is going to help anyone with any type of insomnia to relax and calm the body, and the mind. Then the mind has a better chance to override anything else that might be going on that is keeping you up at night.

Resolve Insomnia with Practice

The other important takeaway is that insomnia, when it has gone on for some time, becomes a habit. We learn to expect that we will not sleep. Not sleeping has become the new normal. In order to break this pattern we need persistence. Think of how long you’ve been doing this insomnia for, that old familiar state of play. For some people, it has been decades! Isn’t it worth making a concerted commitment to using hypnotherapy to see what happens? Over 3-4 weeks, you will know if it has worked for you. I have had tremendous success with treating insomnia in my clinic through this approach.

I am not simply talking about listening to a recording, or enjoying a relaxing break while I speak softly with ambient music in the background. I am talking about working through those classified files, and more. You need to be prepared to resolve insomnia, as opposed to wanting me to resolve it for you. I can’t. No hypnotherapist can. All we can do is to guide you to resolve these issues within yourself.

Breaking old pattern takes persistence and practice, but within 3-4 weeks you should be able to establish new and healthier patterns, if you that is what you want.

If you need help to resolve insomnia, we can help. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast.