I recently facilitated a Quantum Consciousness session with a woman who was, unexpectedly, to become a mother. She came seeking guidance and clarity as she was petrified at the thought of raising a child. The session was profound as her awareness expanded into the realms of reality which I guided her through. The insights she received not only answered her question but provided resonant convictions about her future. The session took 2.5 hours.

Examples of the client’s experience

At one point my client was met with infinite versions of herself, representing moments along her timeline, like a chain of young and happy ‘me’s’ stretching out from the distant past into the distant future. They represented all the mistakes that she had made along the way to show her that things still worked out. There are yet more mistakes to be made in motherhood, but each brings her closer towards fulfillment. This was a profound insight which disarmed her fear.

At another point she saw her baby as a near holy entity that would unite her family, particularly healing her sister who suffered from depression. From this she began to see the bigger picture.

Later, she was met with a parallel version of herself who had taken another path, realising that her chosen path was indeed the best choice. This experience provided deep understanding about the value of her chosen pathway, on an inherently personal level.

Near the end of the session she became the wind, experiencing the feeling of freedom and movement, acknowledging that being a mum doesn’t mean that she has to become static. She doesn’t have to be like everyone else. This fear was exposed and cleared.

By the time we finished she was deeply peaceful, and excited about her new role! Quantum work is powerful and personal – there is nothing like it. Needing guidance?