“I’ve been following Dr Joe Dispenza for 7 years and I am still struggling”, said Diane. “My health is getting worse and I just know it’s because I have emotional blocks towards it”. I asked Diane if she felt good enough; if she believed that she deserved good health. “I’ve done all the courses and yes I believe now that I am good enough”, she answered. ” I then asked her if she had self-love. She paused.

Self-love and self-worth

Self-love and self-worth are integrated. You simply cannot have one without the other. You can do as much work around feeling good enough as you like, but unless you dig even deeper into the self-love universe, you will not make transformative changes.

Love in itself says good enough. It says worthy. It says valuable, special, precious, important, and all the rest. It says lovable. When someone is loveable, they cannot be rejected, because they are loved. It’s very simple.

Diane was a lifelong student, digging endlessly around the issue, as we are all guilty of at different times, myself included. That’s because the quest for understanding is great, and sometimes it is greater than the desire to actually heal.

Communicating self-love to the subconscious

Telling your subconscious that you are worthy requires a few skills. Namely, you need to show it, not only tell it. You need to communicate in visuals, in feelings, touch, sound, smell, and also in words. Some senses are more powerful that others, depending upon the person. But even if you are an inquiring, logical person, like Diane, your subconscious isn’t. It simply won’t understand you if you speak to it, adult to adult.

An intelligent dog has the mental capacity of an average 4-year-old child, and so does your subconscious. Imagine this saying the following lines to your dog, in a monotone, expressionless, robotic way.

“Fido [pause] I need you to know that you are very special [pause] You are a truly loveable dog [pause] You might even be the best dog I have ever had [pause] I am so lucky to have you [pause] I’m glad that you’re you [pause] You are truly loved.”

Monotone message to Fido

Fido would be looking at you tilting his head, trying to work out what you want.

But now, imagine that you said these words with the sort of voice you would use for a child, with colourful intonations, exaggerated emphasis, a sweet sounding tone, and a smile. Now Fido is wagging his tail. He still doesn’t know what you want, but he can feel your love. It is coming through in the way that you say these things to him. It’s the sound and the smile on your face that allows him to feel it.

Your subconscious mind is no different. Words are not enough.

When I took Diane into hypnosis and asked her what her body was feeling and what it needed, as if watering a plant, self love lit up the sky. Some of the other emotional resources performed too, but self-love is what had been missing.

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