The unconscious, or subconscious mind is a very powerful part of you, housing your urges, emotions and core beliefs. When I work with a client in hypnotherapy, their subconscious minds can become very ‘loud’ in response to certain processes, and overshadow the normal logic of the conscious mind, creating illusions, even with their eyes wide open.

How the Subconscious Mind Talks

The illusions of the subconscious mind can be pronounced through various techniques I use. One such technique is where I talk directly to the subconscious so that I can determine what behaviours the client could adopt instead of doing smoking, or drinking, or eating sweets, for example. In this technique I ask the subconscious rather than the logical mind so that I know that the alternative behaviour will stick.

Remember, the subconscious houses urges, so if we replace smoking with something you ‘think’ will work, rather than what your subconscious feels, it probably won’t hold. The subconscious mind is the one in control. Your conscious mind is merely the gatekeeper, keeping everything functional, and safe.

In this technique, I ask the body to talk. In response the the questions I then ask, some clients will see flashes of light, others might feel a warmth or a tingling. Others might experience a deep sensation of peace. The possibilities of such illusions are very individually based and varied.

There is another technique I use that is designed to integrate the subconscious with the conscious mind so that the client can live in a more streamlined way. When the two parts of a person are not integrated, they often have a sense of sabotaging themselves. “I want to lose weight (part 1), but I can’t stop eating chocolate cake (part 2)” is a very obvious one.

In this technique, I will ask the client to think of a symbol for each part of them, and to feel those symbols in the palms of their hands. Something that many clients say is that one hand looks enormous, or else smaller than the other. They are literally seeing their hands at different sizes.

Another technique where illusions can emerge is where I will help a client set future goals. When they can really envisage themselves having removed the emotional blocks that were in their way, and reaching their goals, they will often say they feel taller. This is a very common response as the subconscious mind literally shows the person that they have adopted a winning frame of mind, rather than a losing frame.

How Do I Talk to My Subconscious?

Hypnosis talks in the language of the subconscious mind, through techniques that communicate in symbols, the senses, and feelings, as well as direct suggestion and repetition. The more you do hypnosis, the better you will become at relaxing that gatekeeper part of you and allowing the subconscious mind to speak. This process is essentially a coming together of both parts of your mind, which makes for a very effective use of your energy, rather than fighting against yourself. Once the unconscious mind knows what you are aiming for consciously, your life simplifies, you save energy and you can obtain the emotional state that you want.

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