Thinking vs feeling is an important distinction for overly analytical people who are interested in hypnosis. Feeling is the language of the unconscious mind, and over-thinking can impede the process.

There are certain processes in hypnosis and NLP where I will ask the client to use their imagination, such as when I ask them to change a memory and make things turn out the way they would have liked. Most people can manage this task well, whether they see, feel, hear or otherwise experience the ideal story, compared with the reality of the past.

An analytical person may simply remember the events as they were and critique their responses to those events, rather than ‘rewriting’ the past as requested. This is not helpful.

Evidence shows us that the way we interpret the past affects the pathways in our brains, and that by rewriting the past, with our imaginations, we can create new, healthier pathways. This is because the unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, even when the conscious mind can. So, by critiquing, rather than imagining, the client misses out on the benefits of hypnotherapy.

I find that the best way to help analytical clients to ‘get out of their heads’ is to focus on body based relaxation and ‘tuning in’, rather than mental imagery. The more they can feel their emotions through the session, the more success they will have.

If you are an analytic person who is struggling with the thinking vs feeling issue, or who believes that they cannot be hypnotised, I suggest that you seek a hypnotherapist who will get you in touch with the body. The hypnotherapist will do this through exercises, such as specific breathing routines, before attempting the change work.

I believe that everyone can be hypnotised to the level required for hypnosis to be effective. You only need a light state of trance, as if your mind wandered off while you were driving that same old familiar route, on the way back home.

If you don’t believe me, there is only one way to find out 🙂 Book a session today.