Recognising unconscious messages in hypnosis can be a challenge for some. During regression or in other hypnotherapy techniques, you may not trust the information coming forwards from your unconscious. This is one of the biggest blocks to healing.

It is important to understand that any images or reflections which come to you in hypnosis, such as abstract words or seemingly random images or memories, are unconscious messages. Dreams are messages from this realm. When we accept what we receive, rather than purposefully seeking out the information, or thinking it through, we become free from the confines of our logical minds.

Acceptance allows a form of communication that is deep, where meaning is embedded within the experience, rather than created as with sentence structure. Sentences are unable to communicate or convey meaning here, in this space. More often you simply sense the meaning of unconscious messages, as with dreams.

The more you can listen to the messages coming forth, the more easily you can begin to heal. These messages make themselves known for a reason – usually to alert you to what needs to change, or to how you are, in some way, preventing the problem from changing.

Common mistakes

The most common limitation is when a client will question their unconscious messages throughout the process by saying: “I don’t know why I’m thinking of that”, or “It probably doesn’t mean anything but…” Using your critical mind to discount your unconscious messages as nonsensical while waiting for ‘the big reveal’ will only kill the process. It will stunt the flow of relaxed brainwaves required to access that message in the first place.

So instead, just accept. It is up to me, your practitioner, to lead you through this maze. Sit back, relax, and just pretend that you’re dreaming.