In a week or two the holiday season will be at a close, and many of us will be left with the aftermath of excess kilos from the over indulgence of the silly season, farewelling 2022 and welcoming in 2023. So now is the time to be planning your weight loss challenge.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight when the weight issue is behavioural. So, if you are eating too much, eating the wrong kinds of foods or consuming too much alcohol or sugar-based drinks, this is behaviour that you can change. Weight loss is harder to tackle if it is the result of a health condition or drugs that you take which support weight gain, such as hormone replacement or cortisone-type drugs to manage inflammation.

What are some of the reasons behind weight gain?

Aside from just letting loose at holiday time, some of the more common psychologically based reasons that people perpetuate weight gain include:

  • Using food as a reward or something to look forward to, especially when you need confirmation
  • Looking to food as comfort, to lift a low mood. often found in cases of depression, low motivation or low self esteem
  • Keeping a certain weight in order to feel safe, often stemming from traumatic event(s) and so masking vulnerability
  • A feeling of loss of personal control, not just with food, but with one’s own life
  • An inability to see one’s self and one’s future in a more successful way

What do you need to do to be successful in your weight loss challenge?

You need to be ready to make changes, emotionally and physically. Do you want it enough? What are the benefits to keeping this pattern of overindulgence going? Be honest. One benefit might be that it provides a reward or a sense of comfort. In these cases, we find alternative rewards and methods of receiving that comfort, so you no longer need to keep overindulging.

You also need to be able to acknowledge the core reason to your weight gain, and to be prepared to work on it emotionally. If your weight loss challenge requires you to work on raising your self esteem, even before you lose the weight, you need to be ready to go there.

Methods used for your weight loss challenge

Essentially we determine how your weight gain is being perpetuated – what is the underlying belief fuelling your behaviour? We use regression or timeline therapy to resolve the problem feeling and/ or belief; provide alternative behaviours to negate the need for your overindulgence with food; assist your unconscious mind to understand that it can work with your conscious mind, not against it, and provide positive associations with eating right, and negative associations with eating badly, so helping your instinctive urges to fall in line with your weight loss goals.

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