Weight loss is a repeat challenge for many people. So what makes a successful weight loss challenge, the one that finally works? Weight loss hypnosis makes sense.

The answer is specific to each individual, depending on the story you have playing in your unconscious mind. Once you find the answer, it is like finding the key to opening the door. Once you find that key, weight loss becomes easy. Hypnotherapy is a clear cut way to finding that key because it deals with your specific feelings, beliefs and urges. Sort these out and weight loss can happen.

Beliefs, feelings and urges are the language of the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy and NLP uses various techniques to uncover and resolve underlying blocks that keep you from making the changes you desire. Why do you keep eating the wrong foods, or in the wrong quantities? Why do you decide not to go to the gym or to walk your dog? What keeps you from making these changes? Where did your low motivation really begin? You can see that calorie intake /energy output is just part of the picture.

Perhaps somewhere, after a series of events, you decided that it is safer or more comfortable to stay less attractive or not to stand out. Perhaps you literally need more sweetness in your life. These are just two examples. It is different for everyone. By addressing the strange ‘logic’ of your unconscious mind with weight loss hypnosis, you can leave that old story behind, change your behaviour and become the person you want to be.

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