Weight loss hypnotherapy can be very a effective strategy for the focused client. But if your weight loss is not a priority, and you are still buying chocolate in the weekly shopping, how can you expect it to work?

But weight loss hypnotherapy can indeed work when you engage with the process. Early studies from the 90s found that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without it. There’s not a lot of research actually done on weight loss hypnotherapy, but I have seen fantastic results with most of my weight loss clients.

I’ve said it before… hypnotherapy is not mind control, it is mind training. You need to be an eager student to engage the training and allow your mind to switch from food focus to food as just a part of your life. Clients who don’t understand this actually believe that they will respond with robotic-like obedience to my command after they have left the clinic. Ah, no.

These clients might come in after session one and report that they binged on various treats out of boredom or stress, during the week. Some will even report having baked these treats themselves, as if testing the therapy to see if my command would stop them from committing this ‘crime’. I can only imagine what the world would be like if hypnotherapists had that much power! Mind training requires engagement, your engagement. I am here to help you to help yourself.

Valerie’s Weight Loss Commitment

Valerie told me she had gained 5 kilos every year for the past five years since moving to an acreage property. She found that she was not walking as much as before, and because her home was not centrally located, it took 30 minutes to drive anywhere. She loved her home and wouldn’t want to move. One of the best things about the home was its large, country kitchen. And you can just imagine how she loved to cook and sample her creations.

It wasn’t until week three that Valerie’s weight loss commitment really took hold. The reason is that she simply didn’t value weight loss as much as the emotionally satisfying use of her kitchen. The problem is that she told me that she did, yet her actions said otherwise.

  • The way I got Valerie to really commit to losing the weight was complex, but essentially I
  • Fast forwarded Valerie down the path of weight gain into the future
  • Found another use for the kitchen, which did not centre on concocting treats
  • Assisted Valerie to ease the stress in her life so that comfort eating was no longer the answer
  • Motivated Valerie to use exercise as a focus, rather than snacking
  • And more…

Weight loss requires commitment, and prioritisation. If you don’t have a strong enough aversion to putting on weight, or alternatively, you don’t have a compelling enough pull towards reaching a healthy body status, you are in for a struggle. But once you can really sense the impact of both of those scenarios, it becomes a clear choice, and the power is with you. I am here to assist that process. What do you choose? Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Noosa.