Grief follows a natural process. There are some great books about the stages of grieving. These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance ( If you try to heal grief with hypnotherapy in a hurry it can cause negative reactions in certain people. Angry outbursts are one possible effect of attempting to rush the process, where your underlying pain only fuels the ‘fire’. Other clients find benefit in addressing their grief in the early stages.

So when is it OK to heal grief with hypnotherapy? This varies so much because the stages of grief can last minutes, or months, or even years, depending on the individual. Stages of grief can also overlap, where you flip back and forth between anger and bargaining, for example. However, if you have been grieving for more than six months and you are still stuck in some kind of emotional deadlock, or worse, some kind of loop, it is time to seek help.

When I work with a client around grief there are four things I focus on: 1 – remove the shock; 2 – offer support; 3 – help them to complete unfinished business; 4 – move them into gratitude. I guide my client through this process along with approaches which help to balance the energy of the heart. Only as the heart and the mind heal together, can deep, lasting change be made.

The art of healing grief lies in the ability to move forwards without losing connection to your special one. This in turn, makes meaning out of loss. If it is time that you got back into the game, and you need some help, make a booking.