We’ve all done it. We can all find someone in our world that we take advantage of through emotional venting, someone who will take the emotional, mental and/or energetic garbage that we hurl at them. Whether we believe that their job is to take on our pain so we can lighten our load, or whether we simply can’t help ourselves, emotional venting is actually emotionally irresponsible. None of us need to take it on.

How is it irresponsible? Let’s put it thin way. If your garbage bin is full, do you think it’s OK to dump your leftover waste into your neighbour’s bin? It’s literally happened to me, and it is, in fact, a rubbish thing to do to your neighbour. Your neighbour’s bin is their property, and by assuming the right to use their property without permission, is the same as trespassing, or even break and entry. Boundaries is what we are talking about here. If you willfully throw your emotional rubbish onto someone else, you are disrespecting them. You are saying, “I am more important than you. My needs are more important than yours. I don’t care if you don’t like it”.

The sad fact is that couples are one of the relationship sets most at risk, and at fault of emotional venting. What is not often acknowledged however is that the emotional charge behind this venting can actually wear the victim down, causing illness. If the victim is sensitive particularly, this venting can tax their energy and their health, and they may need to remove themselves from the scene, or from the relationship itself, if this venting has become a pattern, for their own energetic safety. This can be true even when there is no physical violence involved.

Plants Demonstrate the Effects of Emotional Venting

There are studies done with plants that demonstrate the power of words and intentions, and just how positive or negative these words and intentions can be. Experiments show that when a plant receives positive words and emotions from passers by, on a regular basis, that plant will thrive. Likewise, when a plant receives derogatory comments, negative feelings or emotional venting from passers by, they suffer.

“But some research shows that speaking nicely to plants will support their growth, whereas yelling at them won’t. Rather than the meaning of words, however, this may have more to do with vibrations …

Smithsonian and Nasa show that mild vibrations increase growth in plants while harsher, stronger vibrations have a negative effect,” Dr Hes explains. “The vibrations improve communication and photosynthesis, which improves growth and the ability to fight infection. You could say the plants are happy!”

The Guardian, 11 Jan 2021

Considering the implications of emotional venting, ie. shedding your toxic waste around, don’t you think it is time to process your emotions or past trauma in a responsible way? In other words, don’t you think that it’s time to deal with it, or put it in the past? Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to move forwards.

If, on the other hand, you are on the receiving end of this emotional venting, or emotional abuse, because that is what it is, don’t you think it’s time to call for change, or retreat away from the hostility? Otherwise, you may end up like the dying plant, starved of good vibrations and drained of life force.

If you need to to resolve your anger issues, your triggers or your past traumas, we can help. If, on the other hand, you need to install better boundaries against your aggressors, or make clearer decisions about how to regain your emotional stability, we can help here too. Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast